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Transcription Services You Can Rely On in Texas

Our skilled transcriptionists proudly serve the people of Texas.

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and indeed, Texas is the second-biggest state in the US in terms of both geographical area and population. This also means that the need for great transcription services is comparatively larger in Texas—but it’s nothing our skilled and experienced team of transcriptionists can’t handle. Whether it’s the rich history of the Alamo, the scientific wonders of Space Center Houston, or the natural beauty on display at the Natural Bridge Caverns or Big Bend National Park, Texas never disappoints, and its people are the same, always striving for excellence across different fields. Our transcriptionists are here to support Texans in academia, business, the creative industries, and beyond with our flexible and customizable transcription services available in various languages.

Technology is a great boon to us in the transcription industry. Speech-to-text software isn’t accurate enough to threaten our jobs—but it does work as a fantastic tool that helps us speed up our work. By using this software to create a basic transcript and then having our human experts meticulously comb over it to correct any errors or inaccuracies, we can produce high-quality transcripts more quickly and easily. It’s up to you whether you prefer this hybrid model or a 100% human-generated style.


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Texans from far and wide can turn to us for all their transcription needs.

As the second-biggest state in the US by area, Texas houses its massive population across various major cities, including Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, Arlington, Corpus Christi, Plano, Lubbock, and more. But we provide transcription services to Texans all over the state, from these major cities to small, rural villages—regardless of language, content, or project type.

  • The prominence and prestige of Texas has naturally led the state to found a multitude of reputable post-secondary education institutes, such as the University of Texas, Texas A&M University, the University of Houston, the University of North Texas, and Texas State University. At all these schools and more, students, professors, and researchers push the limits of human knowledge forward in everything from geology to psychology. Our academic transcriptionists, who are knowledgeable in a huge range of fields, are proud to help Texan scholars transcribe their audio or video recordings or lecture notes across any number of disciplines.

  • Texas proudly produces a wealth of creative material, from movies and documentaries to smaller-scale online videos and independent podcasts. Whatever Texans are creating, our transcriptionists are eager to support them, offering free extras like speaker identification tags and timestamps. And that’s not all—we also offer subtitling and closed captions services to content creators all over Texas.

  • English is the dominant language in Texas, of course, but did you know that nearly 30% of Texans are native speakers of Spanish? And since the Lone Star State attracts immigrants from around the world seeking a better life, you’ll also find lots of speakers of Vietnamese, Mandarin, Tagalog, German, French, Hindi, Urdu, Korean, Arabic, and more. But just like Texas, our team consists of people from all around the world speaking different languages, so we can offer transcription (and translation) services in all these languages and more.

  • Texan medical professionals undertake years of schooling to understand their specific healthcare niches, such as internal medicine, radiology, or psychiatry. The terminology can be so complicated that it’s almost like learning another language—which is why medical transcriptionists must be specially trained in different medical fields in order to produce accurate transcripts. We’ve partnered with a highly ranked medical transcription company to make sure Texan healthcare workers can access the medical transcription services they need to thrive—and we’d love to introduce you.

  • Like medical professionals, Texan lawyers also have to wade through a sea of technical vocabulary in their everyday work, whether they’re active in family law, corporate law, criminal law, or another legal subfield. So, they too rely on transcriptionists who are specialized in different legal niches. The transcriptionists at our partner legal transcription company represent many different areas of the law and proudly produce confidential and accurate transcripts.

  • Texas, we’re here to serve you! So, if you need transcription services for your audio files, video clips, or handwritten notes, no matter what the language or subject matter is, just contact our team.


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Bringing the world’s top transcriptionists right to you in Texas.

Texas boasts its fair share of home-grown expert transcriptionists, so many of our team members are fellow Texans. But they work alongside a robust team of passionate transcriptionists from other state and even other countries, transcribing audio recordings, video files, and handwritten documents in just about every English variety and foreign language you can think of. They also represent countless different disciplines, meaning you can count on us even for highly technical content.

Serving the diverse transcription needs of all 29 million Texans is a huge undertaking—but it’s one our robust and passionate transcription team is prepared for. Dedicated to our mission of ensuring access to great transcription services all across Texas, we help the state’s many researchers, entrepreneurs, artists, doctors, lawyers, and others get ahead in their work, with our simple and transparent pricing model making the process nice and smooth.

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An easy, risk-free way to try us out

Nervous about sending off your audio or video recording (or handwritten documents) to us without seeing our work firsthand? There’s an easy way to ensure we’re the right transcription service for your project: our free sample offering, available to all first-time clients. Our free samples don’t come with any obligations, so what do you have to lose?


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