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Hindi Transcription Services


Do you need a highly skilled transcriptionist to convert your Hindi audio or video into professionally formatted text? That’s exactly what our extensively experienced team of transcriptionists and translators is here for. Here at, we’re experts in transforming speech into the written word. We guarantee we’ll deliver professional, highly accurate transcripts in Hindi, the most spoken language of linguistically diverse India.

To get started with our Hindi transcription services, order now.

Our Hindi Transcription Skills Are Incredible

Hindi-Urdu is the fourth-most spoken language in the world, boasting an impressive 260,000,000 native speakers and an amazing 534,270,000 total speakers worldwide. The language is the primary means of communication in much of northern India, with its mutually intelligible sister language Urdu spoken widely in Pakistan, and is also spoken in parts of Bangladesh, but with such a large pool of speakers, a multitude of Hindi-speaking communities have popped up in countries around the world.

We at can help you spread your message to the many, many Hindi speakers of the world with remarkably precise transcripts of your audio or video. We can also deliver the transcript in English, if you prefer. What can you use our transcripts for? Some suggestions include ethnographic research, SEO for your organization, enhanced accessibility to a service, and the creation of documentaries, but this is by no means an exhaustive list.

We Can Work With Machines to Provide You With the Best Hindi Transcripts

No matter how advanced speech-to-text software may be, it just can't be as accurate as a human (although it's much faster!). Some of our competitors opt to use speech recognition technology in their Hindi transcription services without getting human experts to verify the results, and without human oversight, machine transcripts just aren't good enough for important purposes in business, academia, literature, and beyond. Here at, on the other hand, no transcript is delivered to a client before gaining approval from an experienced human transcription expert, whether we employ automated transcription technologies in our work or not. 


Our transcriptionists are fluent in Hindi and are experts in the wide range of Hindi idioms, casual expressions, and various accents. Additionally, they’ve mastered numerous Hindi dialects, so whether your recording is in Braj Bhasha, Khari Boli, Awadhi, or any other dialect, we promise a precise transcript. To ensure the ultimate level of accuracy, we’ll even have a transcriptionist fluent in your dialect of choice work on your task.

Hindi Transcription Services for Anyone

We value flexibility. What does that mean? You have control over various characteristics of your transcript. It’s up to you whether we write it in the Devanagari script or transliterate it into the Roman alphabet. Going beyond script, you can even choose the language: transcribed Hindi or translated English. Additionally, we work with clients from all fields, from academia to business and beyond. We can handle audio and video with lots of background noise, many different speakers, and technical terminology. Our vast experience ensures none of these elements will cause any problems in your transcript.

For the best transcripts, enlist the help of seasoned professionals. We’ll deliver highly individualized transcripts of Hindi audio or video, and we ensure the utmost confidentiality. Worried about deadlines? No problem. That’s why we offer an array of turnaround times and guarantee we have one to suit your needs. Just send us your audio or video file and we’ll get started.

Whether you’re from Milwaukee, Nashville, or NYC or from Delhi, Lucknow, or Kanpur, our top-notch transcription services are available for you.

Ready for the best Hindi transcription services? Order now.

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