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Take Advantage of Nashville’s Best Audio and Video Transcription Services


We offer brilliant human transcriptionists who produce highly accurate transcripts.

Our team’s expertise and knowledge are what make the go-to online transcription service for English material and foreign-language content alike. All over Nashville, from Ryman Auditorium to the Parthenon, researchers, business leaders, and professionals trust us to transform their audio, video, and handwritten notes into professional transcripts.

Worried about the use of speech recognition software in your transcripts? Don't be. Indeed, these programs tend to result in horrifying errors, but that's only a problem if the results aren't meticulously scrutinized by human professionals with access to the original audio recording. With this method, we can deliver pristinely accurate transcripts in a fraction of the time it takes to create one from scratch. With countless years of experience and unrivaled expertise, our transcriptionists know exactly how to transcribe your sermon, lecture, or interview, whether it’s in English or one of 500+ other major languages. Let us make transcription easy for you.

We’ll do it for an affordable price, too! Get a quote for transcription services.

Our services are diverse enough to cater to everyone’s needs.

No matter where you hail from in Nashville, Tennessee, or even the entire United States, regardless of the nature of your content, we’re available to assist you. We have the necessary resources for all types of academic and professional transcription.

  • From Vanderbilt University, to Tennessee State University, to Belmont University, Nashville is filled with prestigious institutes. If you’re a student, researcher, or professor, we’re at your disposal for all lecture, conference, and group discussion transcripts you may require. Since we have transcriptionists knowledgeable in a range of fields, we’ll assign your order to someone who knows the terminology in your domain.

  • It goes without saying that Music City is home to countless artists and creatives. Whether you’re part of the music scene or not, you can take advantage of our special offers for content creators, such as video captions and publication-ready final drafts professionally proofread by our in-house editing team. If you’d like special extras on your transcript, such as timestamps or speaker identification tags, just let us know, and we can add them at no extra charge.

  • Nashville attracts a wealth of people from all over the globe, and not all of them speak English as a native language. We can serve Hausa, Persian, and Vietnamese speakers, among countless others, thanks to our skilled international team. If you have non-English content for transcription, we’d be happy to take on the job! We can even translate it into English, if you wish, or add subtitles to your foreign-language video.

  • Medical transcription, whether in the field of emergency medicine, pathology, radiology, or any other specialty, requires the keen and experienced ear of specially trained medical transcriptionists. The superb medical transcription company we’ve partnered with features a team of transcriptionists perfectly suited to aid the medical professionals of Nashville.

  • Law isn’t known for its simple terminology. If you’re looking for legal transcription in Nashville, our brilliant partner agency’s transcriptionists are experienced in law and are qualified to transcribe legal material—without ever compromising on confidentiality.

  • It’s possible your transcription needs fall outside of the above categories. No worries! As long as you have a recording or handwritten document and a need for transcription, we’re the right company for you.

After you send us your files, just sit back and relax to some good local Nashville music. We’ll handle it from here.

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How do we stand out from our competitors?

With expert transcriptionists, editors, and translators who lead their respective industries, we offer uncompromising quality on all transcription orders. Even if your material contains complex terminology relating to anything from linguistics, to astronomy, to anthropology, our transcriptionists are familiar with all those fields and numerous others. Worried about your accent or dialect? Don’t be, since our team can work with different variants of English from all over the world, whether you’re a native speaker or not.

As Tennessee’s capital, Nashville is home to around 684,000 businesspeople, academics, and content creators who speak a variety of languages, from Japanese, to Finnish, to Russian. Our phenomenal team of top-level transcriptionists is eager to assist, and our pricing model doesn’t change with the complexity of your audio or video, which means you won’t be subjected to any surprise fees. All in all, we’re the best transcription solution in Nashville.

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Try us out first!

If you want to see what we’re made of before you place an order, we offer free samples, so don’t hesitate to request one. We’re confident we’ll be able to put all your doubts to rest.

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