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Russian Transcription Services


Have you been searching for the best Russian transcription service? Our skilled transcriptionists and translators will work hard to turn your Russian audio and video clips into flowing, professionally formatted Russian text. We work quickly without sacrificing accuracy, promising the ultimate quality. For transcripts in Russian, the largest Slavic language, we’re always here for you.

Order your first Russian transcript today.

Trust Us to Do Russian Transcription Right

Russian is one of the most widely spoken languages, with a whopping 153,920,000 native speakers. The number of speakers jumps to an unbelievable 265,030,000 when we include those who have learned it as a second language. That’s because Russian is spoken not only in the gigantic nation of Russia but also in Ukraine, Belarus, and various Central Asian countries, such as Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, among others, as well as in sizeable Russian communities worldwide.

Given the number of speakers, your Russian content has a massive potential audience, and reaching them is easiest through text. Our mission here at is to provide you with high-quality, ultra-accurate transcripts in either Russian or English to help you achieve your goals. Your objective can range from conducting research or advertising your company to increasing accessibility to a service or producing a documentary film. We can help you do it all.

Russian Is a Human Language—But Machines Can Still Help

Russian is a human language, and humans are better at speaking it than machines are. The only advantage that machines have is speed. Naturally, the Russian transcription skills of humans far exceed those of machines, but the best solution is to work with machines, using their inaccurate transcripts as a base to produce highly accurate transcripts when revised by human experts. That's what we often do here at

No one knows Russian like our transcriptionists, which means that not only are they experts when it comes to Russian sayings, colloquialisms, and accents, but they’re also well acquainted with numerous dialects, covering Northern, Southern, Central, and more. Is your recording in a particular dialect? No problem. We’ll assign it to one of our fluent dialect transcriptionists.

Get the Russian Transcript You Want

Here at, we’ll craft your Russian transcript according to your wishes. You can choose the script, as we can either transcribe your file into Cyrillic or transliterate it into the Latin alphabet. But we don’t stop at transliterating. We can also translate your Russian transcript into English, if you so wish. What field do you hail from? Are you a highly esteemed academic, a successful businessperson, or a professional in another sphere? No matter your area of expertise, we can professionally transcribe your audio. Furthermore, we’re flexible about the characteristics of your audio or video clip. Low audio quality? Background noise? Multiple speakers? Technical terminology? We wouldn’t be experts if we couldn’t handle all that.

Don’t let an amateur give you suboptimal Russian transcripts. Trust the best transcriptionists for the best transcripts. We’ll customize your Russian transcript to fit your individual needs, offering the utmost confidentiality and speed, with varied turnaround choices to make sure your project is always on time. We have the skills and expertise. All we’re missing is your audio.

Geography is no limit. We’ve worked with clients from Seattle, Charlotte, and Boston and from Moscow (Russia), Saint Petersburg (Russia), and Kiev (Ukraine).

For the best in Russian transcription services, order today.

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