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Charlotte’s Best Audio and Video Transcription Services

Phenomenally accurate transcription services from expert human transcriptionists

When it comes to online transcription services in English or a range of other languages, is simply number one. Our clients are diverse, with backgrounds in academia, business, medicine, content creation, and more, and they hail from all over the great city of Charlotte, including near Historic Latta Plantation and the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Some seek audio transcription, others video transcription, and others transcription of handwritten content. We can do it all.

The phenomenal transcriptionists on our team are highly skilled, extensively experienced, and dedicated to quality. We always rely on human expertise, even when we use automated transcription to speed up our work. As long as our human transcriptionists carefully compare the generated transcript to the original audio, the transcripts are as high-quality as ever. Whether you’re looking for interview transcription, medical transcription, or transcription and translation for any of the 500+ languages we serve, we can guarantee a transcript drafted by an expert human transcriptionist dedicated to professionalism and precision.

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We offer audio and video transcription services for clients of all kinds.

We can say with confidence that we’re the most suitable transcription company for the residents not only of Charlotte but also of North Carolina and the United States as a whole. That’s because we offer a wide range of transcription and translation services to fit every need.

  • Students and professors alike at any of Charlotte’s many great post-secondary institutes can take advantage of our academic transcription services. Whether you’re looking to transcribe a recorded lecture, scribbled study notes, or a lively class discussion, we’ll assign a transcriptionist familiar with your field of study to produce a precise transcript.

  • We offer extra services to content creators, such as timestamps, captions, and speaker identification. In addition, if any content creators in the Queen City need a ready-to-publish transcript, our independent proofreading team will make sure the final draft contains no silly typos.

  • Our services aren’t exclusively for native English speakers. If you speak Azerbaijani, Indonesian, Romanian, or any of 500+ other languages, we offer transcription and even translation services for you. Our diverse team of expert transcriptionists spans the world, so we can help you in nearly any language. And subtitles for videos? We can do that, too.

  • To offer medical transcription services, we’ve partnered with a superb firm that has worked with specialists in hematology, pediatrics, psychiatry, and many more. Whether from Uptown, Plaza Midwood, or anywhere else, medical professionals from around Charlotte can benefit from the services of our talented partner company.

  • Similarly, we’ve partnered with a legal transcription firm to meet Charlotte residents’ legal transcription needs. Our partner guarantees the utmost confidentiality for all orders.

  • Sometimes, you’d just like to have notes you recorded or wrote by hand transformed into a clean transcript. Don’t hesitate to contact us in such cases!

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How do we outshine the competition?

Our professional human transcriptionists, editors, and translators are experts in their fields, with knowledge of various subjects, including architecture, mathematics, and sociology. In addition, our team has experience with accents and dialects from around the world. No matter your content, we can guarantee accuracy and quality.

With a population of over 842,000, North Carolina’s Charlotte is home to many who require professional transcription services, from scholars and researchers, to business owners, to producers of creative content. It doesn’t matter whether you speak English or one of the 50+ major languages we offer transcription and translation services in. We’re here to help anyone in Charlotte and beyond.

Our price model is easy to understand, since we never charge more for complex audio. In short, we guarantee high-quality, accurate transcripts that are easy to order and are delivered quickly.

Why not order your first transcript with us today? We’re ready for your order any time you are!

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You may wish to see our work before you pay us for an order. We completely understand, which is why we offer free samples to prove our prowess in transcription.

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