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Azerbaijani Transcription Services


Here at, our diverse team of transcriptionists and translators is highly experienced in converting speech to text. We work with a range of non-English languages, including Azerbaijani, so if you’re seeking professional Azerbaijani transcription services, your search has ended! If you have audio or video in Azerbaijani, which you may also know as Azeri, Azeri Turkic, Azeri Turkish, or Azerbaydzhani, you can trust our expert transcriptionists and translators to produce highly accurate top-quality transcripts in either Azerbaijani or English.

If you’re ready to begin, place an order now. We’ll get started right away.

No One Knows Azerbaijani Transcription Like We Do

How many people speak Azerbaijani? The number of native speakers is as high as 24,200,000, and around the world, a total of 32,200,000 people speak the language. Naturally, it’s the predominant language of Azerbaijan, as well as the Iranian Azerbaijan region, but the language also thrives in smaller Azerbaijani communities around the world.

Here at, we’ve made it our mission to extend the audience of your Azerbaijani audio and video, helping you reach significantly more people through writing, either in Azerbaijani or English. You may use our professional transcripts for research purposes, to improve your organization’s SEO, to make your content accessible to a wider audience, to generate informative material, or for any number of other applications.

Turn to Us for Azerbaijani Transcription Quality

Technology has come a long way and is constantly evolving, but when it comes to transcription, it’s still a long way from rivaling humans. Nonetheless, many Azerbaijani transcription agencies use automatic speech recognition programs without verifying their accuracy through expert human professionals. Unfortunately, without careful oversight from professional human transcriptionists, machines just can't produce the accuracy you're looking for., on the other hand, provides transcripts with a 100% quality guarantee thanks to our dedicated team of exceptionally experienced human transcriptionists, who either produce your transcript from scratch or pore over the output of speech recognition software to ensure the transcript matches the original audio.

Unlike a robot, our phenomenally skilled Azerbaijani masters are highly familiar with Azerbaijani idioms, colloquial expressions, and nonstandard or foreign accents, and they’re experienced with diverse dialects from across the Azerbaijan-speaking world, including the eastern, western, and northern dialects. To ensure the utmost accuracy, we can even assign your transcription order to a transcriptionist specialized in your particular dialect.

Azerbaijani Transcription Customized to Your Needs

Azerbaijani uses a number of different scripts depending on the region, but here at, we’re highly flexible. That means we’ll transcribe your Azerbaijani audio into the Perso-Arabic script (official in Iranian Azerbaijan), the Cyrillic script (official in Dagestan, Russia), or the Latin alphabet (official in Azerbaijan). Our clients hail from scholarly spheres, the business world, and beyond, so we’re familiar with a wide range of content. Also, our expertise doesn’t stop at transcription. We’re masters of translation, as well, meaning we can provide your transcript in English if you wish. Our team’s extensive experience means we can handle issues such as poor audio quality, numerous speakers, and technical terminology.

If quality matters to you, you know you can settle for only the best Azerbaijani transcription service. We promise not only phenomenally precise transcription but also the utmost confidentiality and flexibility, with turnaround options designed to fit any sort of deadline. You just supply the audio or video. We’ll take care of the rest.

Our services are available worldwide, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re in Jacksonville, Fort Worth, or San Jose, nor does it matter whether your audio was recorded in Baku, Sumqayit, or Ganja. No matter the location, we’re your transcription experts.

Ready to get started? Order today.

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