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Jacksonville’s Audio and Video Transcription Solution

Professional transcripts crafted by the best transcriptionists in the industry

If you’re looking for high quality in a transcription service, look no further than As the leader in the online transcription sphere, we dominate in both English and foreign language transcription, working with businesspeople, researchers, lawyers, and more to turn their audio or video material or even handwritten content into first-rate transcripts. We’re here to serve Jacksonville natives, immigrants, and everyone else, from the Jacksonville Landing to Friendship Fountain.

If you've ever used speech recognition software, you know it may result in avoidable errors that human transcriptionists would never make. Our dedication to quality means we rely on human transcriptionists for quality assurance, even if we sometimes use speech-to-text algorithms to generate a "rough draft" to work from. Our phenomenal team boasts expertise and skills far beyond the average in the industry, so we guarantee your interview transcript, medical transcript, or anything else, whether in English or a foreign language, will be strikingly accurate and professional.

It won’t break the bank, either. Get a quote for professional transcription now.

A transcription option for everyone

We wouldn’t be the top audio and video transcription solution in Jacksonville (as well as all of Florida and even the entire United States) if our services weren’t incredibly diverse. No matter your needs, we have the resources, skills, and expertise to meet them.

  • Students, researchers, and professors at Jacksonville University, the University of North Florida, and Webster University Jacksonville, do you struggle to find a high-quality academic transcription service? The search is over. Whether you’re looking to transcribe a recorded lecture or research notes, we’d be happy to help. Our transcriptionists boast knowledge in a range of fields, so we’ll make sure your order is handled by someone who understands your specialty well.

  • We understand that creatives and artists in the Jax may require special transcription services, such as timestamps or speaker identification. No worries—just tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll provide these extra services free of charge. Video captions? Final drafts ready for publication? We can do those too thanks to our in-house editing team, who make sure each transcript is grammatically sound.

  • Are you a medical professional working in radiology, internal medicine, emergency medicine, or another field who needs a high-quality medical transcription company to produce reliably accurate transcripts? If so, then our partner firm is the perfect match for you. From Downtown Jacksonville to Mayport, healthcare workers already swear by them.

  • Do you require transcription for documents containing complex legal terminology? We’ve partnered with a top-quality legal transcription company whose team has the experience and skill necessary to handle those projects. Our partner provides remarkably precise transcripts to law professionals from across Jacksonville and surrounding areas.

  • No matter what your needs or the content of your material, if you have audio, video, or handwritten content you need transcribed, simply send your files to us.

Once you send us your files, all you have to do is sit back and relax.

Order transcription services today.

What makes us stand out from the crowd?

It’s not just that we’re great at transcription—we also have teams of professional editors and experts in translation. Going further, our transcriptionists boast not only extreme transcription talent but also familiarity with a variety of fields, such as geography, the arts, and business. Our team also has knowledge of various accents and dialects from all corners of the world, so we’ll make sure your transcript is incredibly precise regardless of the quality of your audio.

With a population of more than 881,000, Florida’s Jacksonville has countless business leaders, scholars, content creators, doctors, and others in need of transcription services. It’s a big job to serve them all, but we’re believers in our mission to provide top-notch transcription services in English and more than 500 other languages. Worried about our pricing model? Don’t be. We don’t charge extra even if your material is highly complex, making us a simple and economical option for transcription services.

Are you excited to work with our team?

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Hesitant? That’s okay. We’d be iffy about purchasing services without seeing a sample first, too. Fortunately, we provide free samples to all potential transcription clients.

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