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Academic Transcription Services

Academic Transcription Services

Our experienced team of transcriptionists works with academic clients in a broad range of research fields, from sociology, to physics, to linguistics. We transcribe everything from lectures, panel discussions, and conferences to handwritten dissertation materials and research notes.

Skip the struggle of relying on inaccurate notes or having to scan through recorded audio or video until you find the information you need for your research. Instead, rely on our skilled team to create an accurate, professionally formatted transcript that will allow you to move on to more important parts of your projects.

Order academic transcription today.

We can meet a range of academic transcription needs.

Our team members come from diverse fields of study, making us uniquely equipped to handle almost every academic transcription project by matching it with a transcriptionist with the relevant knowledge and experience to handle it. Below are just some of the services we offer:

  • Interview transcription. Even the most diligent note-taking can omit crucial information, and while recording an interview allows you to capture every detail, finding the exact material you need involves time-consuming rewinding and fast-forwarding. A transcript can help you overcome these hurdles, allowing you to easily search for and reference critical information for your research.

  • Lecture transcription. Making transcripts of lectures available to audiences is key in creating an accessible learning environment, allowing those who are deaf or hearing-impaired to benefit from the material. Students, especially those for whom English is a second language, often rely on us for lecture transcription, as well.

  • Oral history transcription. Oral history interviews are invaluable in several academic fields, but as with any interview, note-taking has its limitations, and using recorded audio for research purposes can prove difficult. Our team has the skill to accurately transcribe oral history interviews from speakers with a range of accents and dialects, and we can handle poor audio quality and background noise.

  • Conference transcription. Creating an accurate record of conference proceedings is vital. In addition to recording keynote speeches, panel discussions, and lectures on video, conference hosts often turn to our experienced team to create a transcript of the event for later use.

Why work with

We're dedicated to quality. We do sometimes use speech-recognition software, as it certainly has its place, but we make sure to assign each academic transcription project to a member of our skilled team who has a background in that field of study, and they carefully review the machine-generated transcript and correct all the mistakes it creates. Professors, researchers, graduate students, and other scholars rely on us for quick, accurate transcription of their academic audio, video, and written material.

Why go through the hassle of having to transcribe your recorded audio or video when you could save time by enlisting the help of a professional? Simply send us your audio or video file, and we’ll return an accurate transcript you can use for research or even publication. We work within the tightest academic deadlines, and we’re confident we can meet your unique needs.

Order an academic transcript now.

Here’s what some of our satisfied clients have to say about our academic transcription services:

I greatly enjoyed working with and I am very happy with the result: My audio file was transcribed very carefully. Not only was the transcription service an excellent one, but also answered all of my questions, including one regarding my need for help with a Spanish audio file. provided me with a perfect solution and I have to say that the team exceeded my expectations widely. I am very happy with the outcome and will for sure recommend them to my professor.

Rebecca Widmer Kerkhoff

University of Basel


Thanks a lot for the transcription. I am glad to see the efficient work you’ve done! The transcription is complete, clear and in good format. I will contact you in case of future tasks.

Jie Lie

Graduate Student

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