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Oral History Transcription Services

Oral History Transcription Services

If you work in a history or sociology department and conduct oral history interviews, you can rely on’s experienced team to produce oral history transcripts, allowing you to focus on more important work. We perform this service for academic clients, government agencies, businesses, and even individuals. can produce high-quality oral history transcripts within your deadlines.


Order oral history transcription today.

We transcribe all types of oral histories.

Oral history interviews are typically conducted for academic research or for data collection by municipalities, state governments, and federal governments. Oral histories are essential in preserving the histories of ethnic groups, accurately recording historic events from the perspectives of eyewitnesses, and allowing research on critical details from primary sources.

Corporations and other business or nonprofit organizations also conduct oral history interviews, usually in conjunction with milestone anniversaries, to record the experiences of business leaders and key stakeholders.

No matter what kind of oral history you record, we can provide a clear, professionally formatted transcript that you can use for easy reference or even publication.

We make recording family history easy.

Families can find value in recording oral histories, allowing elders to share their memories and provide unique insights into the family tree. Digital devices make creating a record of these discussions easy, and a transcript of the resulting recording can provide families with a permanent written document about their background and history.

Transcripts of oral histories provide plenty of benefits, allowing you to quickly cite important passages and share with family members who may be unable to play digital recordings or who are hearing impaired. The experienced team at can deliver an accurate oral history transcript within a turnaround time that fits your needs.

Order your oral history transcripts today.

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