Frequently Asked Questions about Transcription Services

English Transcription

Why does not use speech recognition software?

Despite many advances in speech recognition over the past decade, it’s nowhere near being able to provide the level of precision and quality our clients expect. Transcripts created with speech-to-text software are often full of errors that no human transcriptionist would ever make. To guarantee the highest quality and accuracy, we work with a 100% human transcription staff.

Can you transcribe poor-quality audio?

Yes, although these files generally take a bit longer to transcribe. At no extra charge, our experienced transcriptionists work with audio of any quality, including audio with significant background noise, multiple speakers, heavily accented speech, etc. We can also handle audio or video that includes complex technical terminology. Get started with transcription today.

Do you provide free samples?

We would be happy to provide a free sample so you can see the quality of our transcription services for yourself before you order. If you have audio totaling more than five hours, just reach out to us for your free sample.

Non-English Transcription

Do you provide transcription for non-English audio or video?

Yes. Our experienced international staff provides transcription for audio and video in +50 languages. We can transcribe your content in the target language and can additionally translate it into English to make it more accessible. As with all our transcription services, our non-English transcripts are completed by humans, not machines.

What non-English languages can you transcribe?

We transcribe +50 non-English languages, from Afrikaans to Yoruba. See our list. In addition to transcribing your content in the target language, we can provide you with a translated English transcript, as well, to make your content more accessible.

Medical Transcription

Do you provide medical transcription? does not offer medical transcription services directly; instead, we do so through a partner, and we would be happy to make an introduction. Their skilled staff delivers accurate medical transcription for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. They also cover numerous specialties, such as emergency medicine, pediatrics, neurology, and radiology.

What areas of medicine do your partner transcriptionists specialize in?

Our partner firm’s transcriptionists specialize in a range of fields, including anesthesiology, dermatology, emergency medicine, hematology, immunology, internal medicine, neurology, obstetrics and gynecology, oncology, ophthalmology, pathology, pediatrics, psychiatry, radiology, surgery, urology, and more.

Legal Transcription

Do you provide legal transcription? does not offer legal transcription services directly; instead, we do so through a partner, and we would be happy to make an introduction. Their experienced transcription staff delivers accurate and professionally formatted certified legal transcripts of testimonies, depositions, court proceedings, and more from various legal fields, including criminal, copyright, family, corporate, and immigration law.

Are your partner’s transcripts certified?

Yes. Unless otherwise requested, as in the case of an edited transcript, our partner firm provides certified transcripts.