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We offer flat-rate English and foreign language transcription with…

Free speaker identification and timestamps.

No extra charges for accents, difficult terminology, many speakers, etc.

​ provides audio and video transcription to thousands of clients worldwide. Our expert team sets the standard for online transcription services, and we have produced more than 100,000 transcripts for our satisfied customers.


What services do we offer? delivers high-quality audio and video transcripts for clients from a range of industries, from business, to entertainment, to academia. Our accomplished transcription team has worked with archivists, podcasters, researchers, marketers, authors, and more.


  • English transcription. We provide two levels of English transcription services: Our first draft transcripts are great for research and internal use, and our final draft transcripts are reviewed by a second team to ensure publication readiness. Compare the two service levels and order now.


  • Foreign language transcription and translation in +50 languages. We offer transcription and combined transcription-translation services for businesses, researchers, and other clients from across the world in +50 languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, German, and Russian.


  • Legal transcription. We don’t provide this service directly, but we have partnered with an industry leader to offer certified legal transcription. With secure servers, dedicated support teams, and stellar customer satisfaction records, our partner firm shares our mission of providing exceptional transcription services.


Who are we?


The experienced transcriptionists, proofreaders, and translators at are highly qualified, with phenomenal attention to detail. Our transcriptionists specialize in a range of subjects, spanning from business, to science, to the humanities, meaning we assign each project to a team member familiar with the material.


When you work with or one of our partner firms, you can rest assured your project is in competent hands. See why, in their own words, our clients trust us to meet their transcription needs.


​Why work with


  • Predictable, simple pricing that doesn’t change based on audio complexity

  • A huge and flexible team of extensively experienced transcription experts

We source our seasoned professional transcriptionists from all around the world, working with experts in a wide variety of languages. Our team members also boast expertise in many different fields, which means we can seamlessly accommodate recordings even if they contain technical jargon. We are proud of the high standards of quality our transcriptionists achieve, setting the bar in the online transcription industry, and we guarantee your satisfaction with our work.

We are also committed to fulfilling our social mission: For each order, we provide a month’s worth of hearing aid batteries to a recipient in a developing country.


Free samples

If you need transcription for more than five audio hours, we would be thrilled to provide a short free sample so you can evaluate our services before you place an order. You can also see a sample of our previous work.

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