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German Transcription Services

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Are you seeking the best German transcription services? Here at, our transcriptionists are second to none. With our top-notch team of transcription and translation experts, we can tackle the transcription of any audio or video quickly, accurately, and professionally. Our transcripts in German, the largest native language of the EU, are customized to fit your needs.

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When It Comes to German Transcription, We Know What We’re Doing

Boasting 76,030,000 native speakers, German is the most widely spoken language in the EU. It’s also a popular foreign language to learn, particularly in Eastern Europe and Russia, which results in a whopping 132,100,000 total speakers. The primary German-speaking countries are Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, but the language is spoken in parts of other countries as well as in small German communities that span the globe.

The exceptionally skilled transcriptionists at can help you expand the reach of your message with first-class transcription either in German or translated into English—it’s your choice. Whether you need a transcript to conduct ethnographic research, to enhance your organization’s SEO work, to create documentaries, to make a service more accessible, or for any other purpose, we’re at your service.

We're Dedicated to the Highest Transcription Quality

If you order from other German transcription services, you may be disappointed. Many other transcription agencies forgo human transcriptionists and solely use speech-to-text programs, but machine transcription isn't good enough to be used alone in important business, academic, or literary documents. We recognize the utility of such technology, but whenever we use it, we ensure our human transcriptionists carefully edit the output to make sure it accurately reflects the original audio or video clip. If you’re looking for quality, you can’t beat human transcriptionists, and that’s why we always ensure we have real people carefully analyzing any machine-generated German transcripts we may produce.

Unlike robots, our phenomenally talented transcriptionists can expertly navigate difficult German idioms, casual sayings, and numerous accents. The German-speaking world has countless strong dialects that are sometimes not mutually intelligible, but as German experts, our transcriptionists can tackle Berlinerisch, Bayerisch, Schweizerdeutsch, and others. Given the highly diverse nature of German dialects, we’ll make sure a transcriptionist highly familiar with yours is assigned to your transcription task.

Our German Transcription Services Are Flexible

Would you like the professional transcript of your German recording in German or English text? In addition to our top-notch native-language transcription service, we offer a second service where we translate your transcript into English. Our transcriptionists and translators are just that talented! We’ve served clients in numerous fields, from various areas of academia to diverse business sectors, so we’re confident in our ability to transcribe recordings of any nature. If your audio or video contains background noise, many different speakers, or technical terminology, that’s okay too. Those are no obstacles for our seasoned professionals.

Accuracy matters, and you can count on the most skilled transcriptionists to get the job done. We’ll customize your German transcript to your liking, and we guarantee the utmost confidentiality of the content of your recording. We promise that you’ll never miss your deadline, either, because we offer several different turnaround options, and we work blazingly fast to meet them. Here’s the deal: You supply the recording, we take care of the transcript. Sound good?

Are you in Memphis, Dallas, Portland, or somewhere else? And were your audio files recorded in Berlin (Germany), Hamburg (Germany), Vienna (Austria), Zürich (Switzerland), or maybe even in Liechtenstein? It doesn’t matter, because we work with people across the world.

Ready to get started? Order today.

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