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The Best Audio and Video Transcription Services in Portland


You want top-notch audio and video transcription, right?

For reliable online English and foreign language transcription, rises above the crowd. We create high-quality transcripts of audio, video, and written content for students, business leaders, and creative content producers across Portland, from the Hollywood Theatre to the Portland Japanese Garden.


Like the tour guides at Pittock Mansion, our transcriptionists are knowledgeable people with lots of experience. While we may use speech-to-text software, which we know doesn’t catch all the subtle nuances of language, our human transcription professionals always verify the results for accuracy, remedying all mistakes they find, so the result is the same level of quality we're known for. Whether you need clean and accurate transcripts of interviews, presentations, business conferences, or any other material, come to us.

Start today and order transcription.

How do you know we’re the right transcription service for you?

In Portland, Oregon, and throughout the United States, we set the standard for audio and video transcription options. We follow your specifications to the letter when creating high-quality transcripts.

  • Are you a student, researcher, or faculty member at one of Portland’s top universities, such as Portland State, Oregon Health and Science University, or the University of Portland? When you need transcripts of recorded lectures or class discussions, we’ll make sure a transcriptionist with knowledge in your field of study does the job.

  • Are you a content creator in the City of Roses? If you need podcast or video transcripts or video captions, we’ll do a great job for you. We add free speaker identification and timestamps, and we can provide a final-draft transcript ready for immediate publication.

  • Do you work in several languages? If you need content transcribed and translated into English, we have the experts to do just that. They’ve transcribed audio and video content in more than 500 languages, such as Russian and Italian. We can also create subtitles for your videos.

  • Do you work in the legal field? A highly trained legal transcriptionist is a must, so we’ve partnered with a certified legal transcription firm that continually delivers excellent services to law practitioners in Portland.

  • Are you someone who simply needs a reliable firm to transcribe your dictated or written notes into an editable draft? We’re happy to do that at a price that may surprise you.

Let’s get started. Order your transcripts now.

A final word about why we can best serve your needs

Creating a transcript takes skill—but we go a step beyond that. Our transcriptionists have a broad range of knowledge about subjects from history, to business, to computer science, to the arts, so we’ll match your project with a team member familiar with your field. Needless to say, we don’t just follow industry standards. We set them.

For the more than 640,000 students, researchers, content creators, business professionals, and others in Portland, Oregon, whether they speak English or another language, we’re the go-to transcription and translation provider. From basic to highly technical content, we see it all—and our pricing structure doesn’t change based on complexity. We strive to make getting transcripts as easy as possible so you’re free to focus on your other priorities.

Get the best. Order your transcripts today.

We’ll get you started with a free sample.

It’s perfectly fine if we haven’t fully convinced you. We’re so confident that we can best meet your transcription and translation needs that we offer a free sample of our work. Click the link below for details. We look forward to hearing from you.

Order a no-cost sample.

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