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Text to Text Transcription Services

While digital formats such as JPG, PDF, and PNG are great for document preservation and storage, they generally don’t allow you to edit and update text. Taking printed material or digital images and converting them to text files is time consuming and often tedious—a process best left to trained professionals.

Through our text to text transcription services, we convert your source document to a Microsoft Word or plain text file that allows you to edit and save your written material an infinite number of times, create searchable databases, train machine learning algorithms, and more.

"I am a historical researcher and academic author. For my current project, I gathered several hundred primary documents from the 19th century, in manuscript form. I submitted PDFs of these to, and they returned complete and accurate typescript files, which now form the database for my book project. was professional, timely, accurate, and saved me months of work. I recommend them highly for any research project. I'm thrilled with the results.

-- Kathleen Donegan, University of California, Berkeley."

Text to Text Transcripton
​We understand and will meet your needs

Our expert text to text transcriptionists will leverage their skills to produce documents you can revise and use in a digital environment. Whether you’re a business owner, author, legal professional, software programmer, data analyst, or anyone who needs to convert images or source documents into clean digital formats like Microsoft Word or plain text files, we can help.

We work with all kinds of written material

Handwritten archival documents run the gamut of style and legibility. Rest assured our professional text to text transcriptionists can transform your documents into a text file accurately and quickly.

Our transcriptionists work with a wide variety of materials, including scripts, letters, diaries, journals, business correspondence, scanned documents and notes, and much more—even scribbles in book margins!

We help preserve history, including ancestry records

An invaluable benefit of old document transcription is keeping history alive and accessible to a much wider audience. Whether you’re uncovering your family tree or chronicling the history of a city, church, institution, or industry, the old documents you need to work with will often be handwritten and in fragile condition.

Our old document transcription services can help preserve those historical treasures for generations to come. With accuracy and speed, we transcribe documents such as wills, property deeds, armed service records, manuscripts, congregational records, and historical diaries.

We are caring and professional text to text transcriptionists

We give the same high level of care and service to all our transcription clients, and we’re so confident that we can do a great job for you that we invite you to request a sample of our work. This is the best way to see the high quality you can expect from our expert transcriptionists.

Your time is valuable. Get a quote now for a quality result on a quick turnaround, at a fair price.

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