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How to order English transcription services

This page is for ordering general English audio and video transcription, not legal transcription, medical transcription, or non-English transcription.

First draft transcripts


per audio minute

  • Great for internal transcripts, notes, research for writing an article, etc.

  • Not proofread by an independent team

  • Standard turnaround time: three business days for clear audio

Final draft transcripts


per audio minute

  • Proofread and listened to a second time by an independent team

  • Great for publishing externally, low-quality audio, etc.

  • Standard turnaround time: five business days for clear audio

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What makes us different?

No extra charges for accents, difficult terminology, many speakers, etc.

Free speaker identification and timestamps upon request

Professional human transcriptionists, unlike other companies that use substandard automated technology

For each order, donates a month’s worth of hearing aid batteries to a recipient in a developing country.

Common questions

Why should I choose

Our transcriptionists have produced +100,000 excellent transcripts.

Can I have a free sample?

Can I pay via invoice?

In many cases, yes. Contact us.



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