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Captioning Services

Closed Captioning Services

In a global market, English closed captions are a must for feature films, television, YouTube content, and more, making video accessible for the hearing impaired and for international audiences.

We can help your videos achieve this level of accessibility.

Order closed captioning services today.

When you order closed captioning from, you receive accurate captions created by our experienced team. We may use machine transcription as a base, but we carefully scrutinize everything to ensure utmost accuracy. We transcribe video as well as audio so you can provide your viewers or listeners with convenient captions.

Closed captioning is now the standard

The “CC” option comes standard on television, YouTube, and most video platforms. Presenting a video without captioning will likely limit the reach of your content and impact your brand. Instead, by providing accurate, cleanly formatted English captions, you achieve a number of benefits:

Serve the hearing impaired.

Captioning enables you to reach new audiences with your video content. Hearing-impaired viewers will find value in safety instructions, inspiring presentations, documentaries featuring voiceovers, and more.

Appeal to non-native English speakers.

Foreign viewers for whom English is a second language may not fully comprehend your video content without the assistance of captions, and many choose to use captions to improve their English ability. Closed captioning ensures everyone will enjoy your video to the fullest.

Allow viewing without audio.

Captions allow viewers to access your content even in loud environments or settings where audio may be impractical, such as in waiting rooms, on public transport, or in busy venues. provides accurate, reliable transcripts for use in captioning. Our team of transcribers produces captions free of awkward errors, and we do this at an affordable price and with turnaround times to fit your needs.

Trust to deliver professional transcripts for use in closed captioning. Order English captioning services for your videos now.

Here’s what some of our satisfied clients have to say about our captioning services:

Thank you so much for your help. The two transcripts look great. I will definitely use your services again!

—Claes Lundin



I appreciate all your help and being willing to work with our specific needs. Also, thank you for the quick turnaround time.

—Stephen Eyer

Filmmaker helped us out with transcripts of video interviews, making our job much easier. They were accurate and on time.

—Timothy Wessel

Vermont Films

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