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Podcast Transcription Services

Podcast Transcription Services

You might question whether you need a transcript of your podcast. If you want to reach a broader audience and gain a bigger share of the listener market, you definitely do. Podcasts are an increasingly popular way to share ideas, information, and stories, but not everyone has the time or ability to listen to podcast audio. If you want to bring more attention to your podcast and reach these readers, work with to provide timely transcripts of each new podcast episode you release.

Don’t delay. Place a podcast transcription order today.

Podcast transcripts bring in more listeners.

Digital technologies make information and entertainment easily accessible, but we shouldn’t take this convenience for granted. Your podcast may not be accessible to someone who is deaf, who experiences difficulty hearing, or who is in an environment where listening to a podcast is difficult. You can reach this audience through transcripts.

Providing transcripts demonstrates that you care about delivering your valuable information to these audiences, which strengthens your brand in addition to attracting more potential listeners. The benefits of podcast transcripts go beyond new audiences, though. Adding transcripts to your website increases the value of both your podcast and your website and optimizes your site for search engines, making it more easy for users to find you.

Search engines are increasingly valuing podcast content over blogs, especially with accelerated mobile pages (AMP) and search-by-voice activity becoming the new standard for mobile. Search engines are placing more value on podcasts paired with text transcripts, so there is a tremendous upside to providing transcripts of your podcast episodes.

Our experienced team can handle any job.

You might understand the benefits of transcribing your podcasts but still have some lingering concerns that transcripts will not deliver your content accurately. You can trust our experienced team. handles jobs from media companies as well as individual podcasters from all over the country. We can handle any transcription task on any topic.

Trust us to complete your transcript within your desired turnaround time, and start reaping the benefits of podcast transcripts today.

Order a podcast transcript.

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