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Transcription for Neurologists


Need your neurology audio transcribed professionally—and quickly?

While doesn’t provide medical transcription services, that doesn’t mean we can’t help. For clients like you, we’ve entered into a partnership with a high-quality medical transcription agency that provides ultra-accurate medical transcripts for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare institutions around the world. Their transcriptionists are medical professionals specializing in a range of branches of medicine, one of which is neurology.

No matter what subfield of neurology you practice in, our partner’s expert transcriptionists have you covered, offering transcription services for brain injury medicine, child neurology, clinical neurophysiology, endovascular surgical neuroradiology, hospice and palliative medicine, neurodevelopmental disabilities, neuromuscular medicine, pain medicine, sleep medicine, vascular neurology, and more. They’re vastly experienced, with some having worked in the field for more than two decades, so they’re more than qualified to deliver the highest-quality neurology transcripts possible. Whereas an unskilled transcriptionist or a speech-to-text program may mistakenly transcribe “fino barbital” when you said “phenobarbital,” our partner’s expert transcriptionists will never let such a silly mistake slip through.

Get customized neurology transcripts for your medical institution

What makes your medical facility different from others? Each one has its own unique challenges, and the firm we’ve partnered with knows this. They endeavor to optimize your transcripts to best fit the needs of your healthcare institution. If there are specific challenges to address in your facility, they’ll navigate the issues professionally and expertly.

It doesn’t matter how your audio was recorded, whether in the form of dictated notes, lectures, reports, or interviews with patients. Our partner’s expert transcriptionists can turn your audio material into flowing text. Any type of English is fine, too: Accents pose no problem for professional transcriptionists. Just send your audio file to our partner using your phone or their dedicated app.

Precise transcripts are imperative in health care

Those who work in the medical field simply must get everything right. Patients’ lives depend on it. Making silly errors, whether as a surgeon, a doctor, a nurse, or even a medical transcriptionist, can be costly. Patients trust healthcare professionals to know what they’re doing and to do it right, which is why you should hire only professional medical transcriptionists to complete your neurology transcripts. If you don’t, you might find that you receive a transcript stating that you performed a “cerebral arterial gram” rather than a cerebral arteriogram.

Highly detail-oriented, the talented transcriptionists who work for our partner company will leverage their many years of experience to deliver the highest-quality and most accurate neurology transcripts possible. With them, amateurish errors like the one above will never disrupt your medical practice. Their unconditional dedication to quality assurance means they take pride in their work and always put forth their best effort.

Medical transcripts have to be on time

If medical professionals aren’t fast enough, the consequences can be devastating. This is true also for medical transcriptionists, so our partner company focuses on speed alongside precision in their transcripts. Their services are available at all times, and no matter when you place your order, their talented transcriptionists will get right to work to deliver it, often within a matter of hours.

Find all the support you need

The most accurate neurology transcripts in the world don’t mean a thing if you’re having technical difficulties. The firm we’ve partnered with is committed to making sure the customer experience is perfect, and to that end, they’ve put together a passionate support team to aid with whatever issues may crop up. From implementation to account management and beyond, our partner’s superb support team is always ready to offer their assistance, no matter when and why you need it. They’re only a phone call away whenever you’re experiencing difficulties.

Confidentiality matters in the neurology field

With our partner, you never have to worry about confidential patient information being leaked. Why? Our partner strictly adheres to a number of patient confidentiality laws, including HIPAA, and all their transcriptionists have signed rigorous nondisclosure agreements. They employ the most advanced encryption methods for the data saved on their ultra-secure servers, which means they take major precautions to safeguard and protect your sensitive data.

Our partner offers everything you need, all in one company

You’re looking for a neurology transcription agency that’s flexible and reliable, offering high-level security and exceptionally precise transcripts delivered swiftly, and that’s exactly what our partner firm is. If we didn’t think they were the best neurology transcription firm in the transcription world, we never would have entered into this partnership. We trust them to provide fantastically high-quality neurology transcripts for every order.

If you’re ready to have our partner transcribe your neurology audio, tell us so we can get you set up with them.

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