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Spanish Transcription Services


If you’ve been searching for the top Spanish transcriptionists, you’ve found them. No one knows Spanish like our transcriptionists and translators, who form a top-notch team of experts. If you have audio or video in Spanish, we can produce a precise, highly professional transcript for you. For all your transcription needs in the world’s second-biggest language, turn to us.

Order your first Spanish transcript.

Let Experts Handle Your Spanish Transcript

Spanish boasts an astounding 442,390,000 native speakers, second only to Mandarin, and the number who have learned it as a second language is also impressively high, at approximately 71,000,000. Spanish is spoken in Spain and much of Latin America, including Mexico and Colombia, but all around the world, there are also large Spanish communities, making Spanish a true world language.

With so many speakers, Spanish content has a massive potential audience, and we at can help you reach them by expertly converting your Spanish audio into a professional transcript in either Spanish or English. Whether your objective is to have your ethnographic research published in a highly esteemed journal, hit record sales numbers through improved SEO copy, attract more people to your service, or teach people using a documentary film, our transcripts will help you realize your goals.

Using Machine Assistance with Human Oversight to Produce Accurate Spanish Transcripts

Transcription demands a high level of skill, and not just anybody can do it. That goes for computers, too. Simply put, machines lack the human awareness and language competence necessary for such a skill-intensive task, and that’s why the transcripts generated by speech-to-text software are always full of ridiculous errors. But when you throw a human professional into the mix, they can expertly clean up all the software's mistakes, and you end up with a brilliantly reliable transcript in much less time.

Spanish contains many unique idioms, colloquialisms, and accents, but as Spanish language experts, our transcriptionists understand it all. Furthermore, large and widely spoken languages inevitably feature many different dialects—for Spanish, these include Castilian, Andalusian, Mexican, and others—but our transcriptionists are highly familiar with them. We’ll make sure a transcriptionist with expertise in the dialect of your choice works on your transcript to ensure the utmost accuracy.

Get the Spanish Transcript You Want

Here at, we’re more than just a transcription company. We’d be happy to transcribe your Spanish audio or video into Spanish text, but we can also translate your transcript into English. We’re extremely flexible, which means we can expertly transcribe audio from any number of fields within academia, business, and beyond. Technical terminology doesn’t trip us up. Additionally, our extensive experience allows us to work with difficult-to-understand recordings, such as those with poor audio quality, a lot of background noise, or many different speakers.

Trust the best transcriptionists to deliver the best transcripts. Our guarantee is professional, accurate transcripts delivered through a highly flexible, confidential, swift transcription service by a team dedicated to quality. We work fast to always deliver your transcript by your specified deadline, and our many turnaround options are meant to accommodate any project. All we need to get started is your audio.

We’ve worked with clients across the world, from Las Vegas, Milwaukee, and Nashville to Madrid (Spain), Barcelona (Spain), and Mexico City (Mexico).

For the best Spanish transcription services, order now.

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