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Arabic Transcription Services


Do you have Arabic audio or video that you need converted to text? The international team of professional transcriptionists and translators at is here for you. No matter the content of your audio or video file, we’ll convert it into accurate, reliable, professionally formatted Arabic or English text. We’ll meet all your transcription needs in the world’s largest Semitic language.

If you’re ready to get started with Arabic transcription, order now.

We’re Experts in Arabic Transcription

An astounding 290,000,000 people speak Arabic as their mother tongue, and the number of speakers increases to 422,000,000 when non-native speakers are taken into account, making Arabic the fifth-most spoken language. Arabic dominates North Africa (e.g., Tunisia, Algeria), the Middle East (e.g., Saudi Arabia, Jordan), and the Persian Gulf (e.g., Bahrain, Kuwait), but smaller Arabic communities also span the globe.

No matter why you’re seeking transcription services, be it for ethnographic research, for SEO, to create educational material, or simply to more widely spread your message, our expert transcriptionists are eager to deliver top-notch Arabic texts of your audio or video. We also offer translation services, so we can provide an English transcription instead if you so desire.

Our Human Transcriptionists Collaborate with Machines for the Best Results

It's common to use machines to help with Arabic transcription, but the use of machines often results in inaccurate and error-filled text. But that's okay when you have a professional team of human transcriptionists to carefully clean up the resulting transcripts. Humans will always be superior to machines in terms of transcription accuracy, which is why we at hire only exceptionally skilled human transcriptionists and have them meticulously review any machine-created transcripts we may produce. Thanks to their extensive experience with the Arabic language, even idioms, slang expressions, and irregular accents pose no obstacle for our dedicated transcriptionists.

Arabic is known for its various dialects, but whether your clip is in Egyptian, Sudanese, Algerian, or any other dialect, we’ll compose a professional transcript for you. We can make sure your clip is processed by a transcriptionist well acquainted with the dialect of your file.

Arabic Transcription Your Way

Here at, we’re highly flexible about the way we deliver our transcription services. Want your transcript in the Arabic script or the Latin alphabet? We can do either! We work with clips of all natures, from the scholarly world to various business fields and beyond. Not only are we experts in transcribing Arabic, but we can also deliver a highly accurate English transcript of your audio. Our superb transcriptionists are so talented that it doesn’t matter whether your clip contains background noise, more than one speaker, or complex content. We can handle it all.

When it comes to Arabic transcription, don’t settle for anything less than the best. We promise high-quality, highly confidential Arabic transcription services with a wide range of turnaround options to meet even your most urgent deadlines. Just send us your audio, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We work with clients from around the world, so whether you’re located in Austin, Las Vegas, or Milwaukee, and whether the clips you’re sending for transcription originated in Cairo (Egypt), Baghdad (Iraq), or Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), our first-rate Arabic transcription services are for you.

Order today.

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