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Audio and Video Transcription Services in Austin, Texas


Are you looking for highly skilled human transcriptionists?

When it comes to online transcription, whether in English or various foreign languages, leads the way. We already have a well-established clientele in Austin, and we work with a wide range of needs, so whether you’re a student near the Texas State Capitol or a businessperson operating close to the Driskill, we can transform your audio recordings, video clips, or handwritten documents into highly accurate transcripts.

Our transcriptionists are everything you’re looking for in a transcription company—seasoned professionals with extensive experience and knowledge. Voice recognition programs do have their use, given the remarkable speed at which they can produce transcripts, but since they can't produce the accuracy you need for high-level transcripts, you need human professionals to turn the results into quality transcripts. Any time we employ speech-to-text software in our work, you can rest assured it's been carefully monitored by our human experts. That means we’re well equipped to always cover your needs, whether you’re looking for conference transcription, video transcription, or transcription and translation services for non-English languages.

Get a free quote for top-notch transcription services in Austin.

How do you know we’re the right audio and video transcription company for you?

In addition to our transcriptionists’ impressive experience and skills, we offer a wide range of services that make us well suited for any type of transcription task. We provide the leading transcription solutions not only in the great city of Austin, Texas, but also across the United States.


  • Are you a scholar at the University of Texas at Austin, St. Edward’s University, Concordia University Texas, or another Austin University who requires top-notch academic transcripts of lecture recordings, class discussions, or academic conferences? We’ll make sure your transcriptionist is well versed in your field.


  • Are you one of Bat City’s many content creators who are looking for transcripts with timestamps or speaker identification? We can easily provide these services as well as video captions and final drafts ready for publication, as our dedicated proofreading team will eliminate any typos and grammatical errors.


  • Are you a non-native English speaker seeking transcription or translation services (or both) for your native language? Whether you speak Afrikaans, Hebrew, Polish, or any of 500+ other languages, our talented team will produce highly precise transcripts and translations for your language. If you’re looking for video subtitles, we do that, too.


  • Are you a healthcare professional specializing in anesthesiology, oncology, urology, or any other field who requires first-rate medical transcription? We work with a partner firm who repeatedly surpasses the expectations of medical clients from across Austin, whether Downtown Austin or South Congress.


  • Are you a legal professional with a need for incredibly precise legal transcripts? Our brilliant partner company delivers phenomenal legal transcription services for clients anywhere in Austin and surrounding areas.


  • Are you absolutely anybody who has handwritten notes or content you’d like to have professionally laid out into a first draft? We’d be more than happy to help!

All you have to do is send your files our way. Then just relax—we’ll take it from there.

Begin the process of ordering your first transcript.

Our transcriptionists are the best of the best.

Whether your recording is centered on agriculture, law, the arts, or a wide range of other subjects, we have professional transcriptionists, proofreaders, and translation professionals on staff knowledgeable in your subject area. Our transcriptionists are also extensively familiar with different accents and dialects, so we’ll make sure your transcriptionist is well versed in your material.

The great city of Austin, Texas, boasts over 948,000 inhabitants, many of whom are academics, artists, entrepreneurs, and other ambitious individuals. Some speak English, some a variety of other languages, but we’re here to serve all their needs. We always provide 100% quality-guaranteed documents, and our price model is simple, not changing based on the complexity of your audio. We make the transcription process as easy as possible for you so you can focus on your area of expertise.

We’re eager to start working with you! Send your audio to our team right away.

Request a free sample of our English transcription first.

If you’d like a sample of our work before you submit a paid order, that’s completely okay. We offer free samples to show you just how skilled our transcriptionists are at transforming the spoken word into professionally formatted transcripts.

Get a free transcription sample.

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