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Afrikaans Transcription Services


Do you need top-notch transcription for your Afrikaans audio? Our highly experienced team of transcriptionists and translators is here for you. We specialize in providing high-quality professional transcripts in Afrikaans, the dominant language of western South Africa.

Ready to place your first Afrikaans transcription order? Order now and get started!



Experts in Afrikaans Transcription


Afrikaans boasts 7,230,000 native speakers, and approximately 10,000,000 people around the world have buckled down to learn Afrikaans as a second language. Afrikaans is widely spoken in South Africa and Namibia, and it is also the language of various small communities dispersed throughout the world.


Our mission at is to expand the reach of Afrikaans audio and video by transforming the spoken word into professional and accurate text, either in Afrikaans, with which you will be able to reach +17,000,000 Afrikaans speakers, or in English, which will increase your potential audience by 1.5 billion. Whether you’re looking to conduct qualitative or ethnographic research, optimize your organization’s SEO, improve accessibility, create documentaries, or anything else, we’re here for your every transcription need.


Humans and Machines: A Perfect Duo


What sets us apart from other Afrikaans transcription services? Simpleour use of highly skilled human transcriptionists and translators. We don't eschew transcription technology, because it's actually pretty useful, but whenever we use it, we always make sure our transcriptionists carefully check over the results to ensure the highest possible standards of accuracy and quality. ensures that every transcript we produce is meticulously vetted and approved by our human experts.


Does your audio or video clip contain idioms, colloquialisms, or nonstandard accents? Don’t worry, because our expert transcriptionists are well versed in all three. In addition, whether your clip is spoken in Cape Afrikaans, Orange River Afrikaans, East Cape Afrikaans, or any other dialect, we'll professionally and accurately transcribe it for you. We can even assign a transcriptionist who specializes in a particular dialect to offer the ultimate results.


Our Transcription Services Are Customizable and Flexible


The clips we transcribe hail from a variety of fields, ranging from academia, to business, to specialized industries. The expert transcriptionists at will transcribe your text in either Afrikaans or English—your choice! Transcription is one thing, but simultaneously translating non-English audio into English text takes unbelievable skill, and that’s exactly what our superb transcriptionists possess. Since our transcriptionists are exceptionally experienced, don’t worry if your clip contains background noise, multiple speakers, or technical jargon. We’ll handle it.


If you want high-quality transcription, you can’t settle for automated speech-to-text software, at least not without professional humans reviewing the results. We’re professionals, and we’ll customize your Afrikaans transcript to your specifications, guaranteeing timely delivery even in urgent cases. We also promise the utmost confidentiality. All you need is audio or video. We’ll take care of the rest!


Whether you’re placing your order in Los Angeles, Memphis, or Seattle, and whether your clips originated in Cape Town, Durban, or Johannesburg, we’re here to help you transcribe whatever you need transcribed.


Order today.

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