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Audio and Video Transcriptionists in Seattle


Need Seattle’s best transcriptionists for your audio or video?

If you’re looking for online transcription services, is the go-to company, leading the industry in transcription for both English and more than 500 other languages. For clients across Seattle, from students who frequent Pike Place Market, to business owners whose companies can be seen from the Space Needle, to professionals of all kinds in between, we create high-quality transcripts of audio, video, and handwritten material.

Given their extensive training and expertise, our transcriptionists know exactly what they’re doing. Not only are they guaranteed to outperform speech-to-text software, which almost always results in errors, but their skills also set them above the average human transcriptionist. And when it comes to speech recognition software, our transcriptionists can also take machine-generated "rough drafts" and craft them into excellent transcripts. You can feel confident entrusting the transcription of your sermon, focus group video, or podcast to us. We can even translate your transcript, if that’s what you need!

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Transcription services to fit all needs

We’re the best audio and video transcription company in Seattle because we can cater to diverse transcription needs. In fact, we’re the best not only in Seattle but also in Washington and even the entire USA, and we work with a whole range of clients:

  • Students from around the United States and the world flock to Seattle for its prestigious universities, such as Seattle University, the University of Washington, and Seattle Pacific University. Whether you need transcription of recorded lectures, conference notes, or group discussion clips, we’ll assign your project to an expert transcriptionist with knowledge in your academic field.

  • Artists and content creators have special transcription needs, such as timestamps and speaker identification for dialogue. These are right up our alley, so don’t hesitate to ask for these extras, which we provide for free. For content creators all over the Emerald City, we also offer video captioning services. One more thing—if you need a professionally formatted transcript that you can publish as soon as it’s delivered, we’ll pass it through our dedicated team of professional proofreaders to ensure grammatical soundness.

  • Psychiatry, immunology, hematology—there’s no medical field where transcripts aren’t required. However, finding medical transcription services can be a challenge, as only specially trained transcriptionists who understand medical terminology are qualified to deliver them. We’ve partnered with a medical transcription company that values accuracy and quality above all, and healthcare providers from all over Seattle, from Downtown to Fremont, are already happy customers.

  • Attention, legal professionals in Seattle! Have you been on the lookout for a reliable, high-quality certified legal transcription agency to deliver incredibly precise legal transcripts with the utmost confidentiality? The legal transcription company we’ve partnered with has satisfied clients from all over the city, and they won’t let you down.

  • That’s not all we can do. Even if your needs fall outside what we’ve outlined above, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have audio, video, or handwritten material you’d like to turn into a professional transcript.

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How do we guarantee accuracy?

First, in addition to our transcription and foreign language translation services, we have a dedicated team of professional proofreaders to weed out typos from our final-draft transcripts. Second, our team is knowledgeable in a broad array of fields, including statistics, geology, education, and more, so we can handle complicated technical content. Third, our team is familiar with various accents and dialects from all over, so regardless of how you speak, we can transcribe your recording accurately.

What does all this mean? It means we’re undoubtedly the best audio and video transcription solution for the more than 704,000 scholars, professors, business leaders, doctors, and other professionals in Seattle, Washington. Whether you speak English or one of the other 500+ languages our skilled team can transcribe and translate, we’re at your disposal. Our pricing is simple—based on length and language, not content, dialogue, or audio complexity.

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