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Croatian Transcription Services

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Have you been searching for the best online Croatian transcriptionists?’s superbly talented team will satisfy your every Croatian transcription need. Our transcriptionists are seasoned professionals in accurately transcribing Croatian. Whether your audio is for business, academia, or any other field, we can transform it into precise, professionally formatted text.

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Our Knowledge of Croatian Transcription Is Unmatched


Croatian has 5,411,000 speakers in Croatia, and the number of speakers reaches 6,671,000 worldwide. If we consider Croatian’s mutually intelligible sister languages of Bosnian, Serbian, and Montenegrin, the number grows to 21,000,000. The speakers of these languages hail not only from the Balkans but also from small Croatian communities around the world.

We at want to increase the reach of your content by converting your audio or video into professionally transcribed text, either in Croatian or translated into English. We generate transcripts for many different purposes, so whether you’re conducting ethnographic research, producing a documentary, engaging in SEO efforts, or simply seeking to spread a message far and wide, we’re here for you.

We Work Alongside Machine Transcription to Produce the Best Croatian Transcripts

What makes us better than other Croatian transcription services? Simple: We may use automated speech recognition in our work, but we'll never compromise on quality. All machine-generated transcription we produce is meticulously checked by our human transcriptionists to ensure the utmost precision. Inferior Croatian transcription services use speech-to-text software and don't have professional humans verify the results, and this just results in countless mistakes. We’re dedicated to quality, which is why we depend fully on human transcriptionists, even if we use speech-to-text algorithms as a tool. We choose only the most skilled people—experts who know the ins and outs of Croatian idioms, accents, and expressions. Moreover, our superb team covers a wide variety of Croatian dialects, including Shtokavian, Kaykavski, and Chakavski. We’ll ensure your transcript is completed by a specialist in the dialect of your choice to provide you with the ultimate precision.

How Would You Like Your Croatian Transcript?

Here at, we appreciate flexibility and customization. That means we’d be happy to transcribe your recording into professionally formatted Croatian text or translate it into highly accurate English. It’s your choice! What field is your audio or video from? We’ve already worked with scholars, businesspeople, and private clients, so no matter the subject, we can handle it. Poor audio quality, multiple speakers, or technical terminology? Those aren’t obstacles for our extensively experienced team.

We’re the best Croatian transcriptionists in the industry, so if you’re looking for quality, you’ll find it with us. Looking for customizability and confidentiality, as well? Our professional Croatian transcription services have you covered in both these respects. On top of that, we offer many different turnaround options to suit even your tightest deadline. Sound like a service for you? Just send your audio our way.

From Tucson, to Houston, to Zagreb, to Rijeka, to any other place, we help clients all over the world transcribe their Croatian audio and video.

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