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The Leading Audio and Video Transcriptionists in Houston, Texas


Looking to take advantage of Houston’s best audio and video transcription company?

As the leader in online transcription services, be it in English or a range of foreign languages, is proud to serve the people of Houston. All over the city, from Space Center Houston to the Houston Astrodome, researchers, business owners, artists, and other professionals entrust their audio, video, and even handwritten content to us, and we don’t disappoint.

With transcriptionists who boast years of industry experience and unrivaled skills in the field, we’re highly dedicated to quality. For us, quality means that we ensure all transcripts we deliver have been carefully evaluated by our professional transcriptionists to meet our high standards—even those that use automated transcription as a base. All our transcriptionists are highly trained humans, which means our transcripts are as accurate as possible. You can rest assured your deposition transcription, sermon transcription, or transcription and translation in a foreign language will be crafted with the utmost attention to detail.

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Who can benefit from our top-notch transcription services?

We can say with confidence that there isn’t a better audio and video transcription agency in the entirety of Houston. In fact, we also lead the sphere in Texas and the United States in general. No matter who you are or what you’re looking for, we’re ready and eager to help you.

  • Students, professors, and researchers at the University of Houston, Rice University, or Texas Southern University trust for academic transcription. Whether your recordings or notes are from lectures, conferences, group discussions, or something else, we’ll transcribe them professionally and accurately, ensuring your project is assigned to a transcriptionist who knows the terminology of your field of research.

  • For content creators in Space City, we offer specialized features such as video captions, and we can add timestamps or speaker identification to your transcript at no extra cost. Looking to publish the transcript immediately? Should you wish, we can make sure it’s ready for publication by giving it to our proofreading team to look over.

  • Houston, as Texas’s biggest city and one of the largest cities in the United States, attracts countless immigrants and is highly linguistically diverse. Alongside English, you can hear Dutch, Kurdish, Tagalog, and more on the streets of Houston. We haven’t left these demographics behind—with transcription and translation services in more than 500 languages, we have nearly the entire population of Houston covered. We can even add subtitles to foreign-language videos, if that’s something you’re looking for.

  • Do you need medical reports transcribed? Our top-notch medical transcription partner can expertly transcribe medical audio and more in specialties ranging from pediatrics, to hematology, to immunology, and beyond. Wherever your medical practice is, whether Downtown Houston, North Houston, or anywhere else, our partner can work with you to produce first-rate transcripts that never disappoint.

  • Do you have audio full of legal terminology that you need transcribed? Naturally, only transcriptionists familiar with the terminology are qualified, so we’ve partnered with Houston’s best legal transcription company to meet the needs of legal professionals in Houston.

  • It could be that you don’t fall into any of the above categories. Don’t worry, though—these are just examples. We can work with anyone with an audio or video clip or even handwritten text, so if you need transcription services, get in touch with us!

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What makes us so confident in our skills?

We know we have the best possible team of transcription, proofreading, and translation professionals because not only have they passed our rigorous hiring process, but they also have knowledge in fields as varied as education, statistics, literature, and beyond. What’s more, our transcriptionists know numerous dialects and accents, meaning they can accurately transcribe even nonstandard language. Given our team’s additional knowledge bases, we can guarantee the most accurate transcripts in the industry.

Houston’s population is massive, at around 2,303,000, but we eagerly accept the challenge of helping all the entrepreneurs, academics, artists, lawyers, doctors, and others in the city who require the best transcription services in Texas. Our services, both transcription and translation, are available in English as well as more than 500 foreign languages. Don’t fear our rates, either—with a simple pricing scheme that stays the same no matter how complex your clip is, ordering transcription services from us is quick and easy.

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If you’re not quite comfortable placing an order without seeing our work for yourself, don’t worry! We completely understand and would be happy to offer a free sample. Just click the link below to get started and see just how talented our transcription team really is:

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