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Kurdish Transcription Services


We know how difficult it is to find a high-quality Kurdish transcription service. With our highly experienced team of transcriptionists and translators, guarantees quality, precision, and professionalism in every transcript. Our transcripts in Kurdish, the language of the Kurds, are some of the most accurate available.

For extremely precise Kurdish transcripts, order today.

Kurdish Transcription Is Our Area of Expertise

The Kurdish people may not have a nation, but their language has strong use. A total of 25,020,000 people speak Kurdish as a first language, and it has an impressive 29,900,000 total speakers. Kurdish is spoken in the geographical region of Kurdistan, which spans areas of Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Syria, but various countries around the world are also home to smaller Kurdish communities.

To help spread your message, the expert transcriptionists at are eager to convert your Kurdish audio or video into professionally formatted text in either Kurdish or English. Our transcripts can be used for many different purposes, including but not limited to conducting research, producing SEO texts for a company, enhancing the accessibility of important information, and creating educational films.

Combining the Accuracy of Human Transcription With the Speed of Machine Transcription

Speech-to-text software can do some impressive things, but accurate transcription is not one of them. However, it can generate a relatively accurate base transcript in mere seconds, a feat that humans certainly can't pull off. So, it's not like this technology doesn't have a use, but it absolutely must be paired with human transcription experts. With our mission to deliver uncompromising quality, we at always rely on human expertise to verify the quality of our transcripts, even those that were originally created through speech-to-text software.

Speech recognition programs fail to grasp Kurdish idioms, casual phrases, and nonstandard accents, but our transcriptionists are highly familiar with the language and can easily correct any mistakes the programs make. In addition, our Kurdish language experts have command of various dialects, from Northern, to Central, to Southern, in addition to others. If dialect accuracy is especially important to you, we’ll allocate your order to a specialist in your dialect of choice.

Enjoy High Levels of Flexibility in Your Kurdish Transcript

There are multiple ways to write Kurdish, which is why we offer you a choice: Arabic or Latin script? The customization doesn’t stop there, though. You can even choose the language—Kurdish or English. That’s right: Instead of simply transcribing your Kurdish audio or video file, we can produce an English transcript, as well. In terms of content, we’re highly flexible, having already delivered top-notch transcripts to academics, businesses, and professionals in various fields. In addition, we’re flexible regarding audio quality. Even if your recording contains background noise, with multiple speakers and poor enunciation, our phenomenally skilled transcriptionists will get the job done quickly and professionally.

You want to receive the best Kurdish transcript possible. We want to deliver the best Kurdish transcript possible. Let’s combine our goals. Our Kurdish transcription services are professional, confidential, highly accurate, and blazingly fast, thanks to the various turnaround options we offer to accommodate all project timelines. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Send us your file from Detroit, Diyarbakır (Turkey), Indianapolis, Erbil (Iraqi Kurdistan), Jacksonville, Kirkuk (Iraq), or anywhere else. Geography is no limit.

Order now.

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