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The Most Skilled Audio and Video Transcriptionists in Indianapolis

Our human transcriptionists offer the highest-quality transcripts in Indianapolis.

In the online transcription industry, leads the show in both English transcription and foreign language transcription alike. Scholars, businesspeople, and professionals from other walks of life across Indy, spanning from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to the Indianapolis Museum of Art, entrust their precious audio clips, video recordings, and handwritten notes to us for quick, professional, accurate transcription.

Our transcriptionists boast impressive experience and skills as well as human intuition. It's not that speech-to-text software is all bad—it's a great assistant for professional transcriptionists. It's just that anytime we use this technology, it's in conjunction with our talented human transcriptionists, who are there to immediate remedy all the errors it produces. Whether you’re ordering focus group transcription, podcast transcription, or transcription and translation services in a non-English language, you can be confident you’ll receive a top-notch transcript from the most highly skilled, qualified transcriptionists.

Our services are affordable. See our pricing with a free quote!

We’re ready to serve everybody in Indianapolis.

We don’t take our title as Indianapolis’s best online audio and video transcription service lightly. Considering that we also dominate the transcription scene in Indiana and the entire USA, we hold ourselves to a high standard of quality and wish to meet all our clients’ unique needs.

  • Do you record lectures, academic conferences, or group discussions? If so, you’ll likely need academic transcription. That’s where we come in. Whether you’re at the University of Indianapolis, IUPUI, or Butler University, we’ll ensure your transcript is completed by a transcriptionist with knowledge in your area of study.

  • Are you looking for transcription services for a creative project? We have you covered. Whether you need video captions, speaker identification in your transcript, or timestamps for each line of dialogue, content creators from across the Circle City can take advantage of our numerous extra features. You may also want to publish the transcript as soon as you receive it, in which case we can have our independent editing team look it over to make sure there are no silly typos.

  • The good people of Indianapolis come from many different countries and speak many languages in addition to English, including Finnish, Malay, and Tamil. If you require transcription services in one of these languages or over 500 others, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our international team of professional transcriptionists and translators would be more than happy to help you out. We even do foreign-language subtitles.

  • Healthcare providers who work in psychiatry, immunology, and hematology alike all over Indianapolis require professional medical transcription. To meet those needs, we’ve partnered with a highly rated medical transcription company that works with medical professionals in Downtown Indianapolis, Fountain Square, and beyond.

  • Transcription services are a necessity in the legal profession, so we’ve partnered with a phenomenal legal transcription firm with the experience, commitment to confidentiality, and knowledge of legal terminology required to deliver high-quality transcripts to legal professionals all over Indy.

  • If you’re anybody who needs content transcribed, whether your material is in the form of an audio clip, video footage, or handwritten notes, send it our way. We don’t discriminate!

Send us your files so our passionate transcriptionists can get started immediately.

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What makes us Indianapolis’s best transcription team?

We’re experts in transcription, but that’s only natural for professional transcriptionists. What makes us special is our additional services, including editing and translation, as well as the expertise our transcriptionists boast in fields such as engineering, technology, and linguistics. Moreover, our team has worked with dialects and accents from all over the world, so we promise uncompromising precision even for complicated subject matter and unique speech patterns.

The bottom line? There’s no better audio and video transcription option for the more than 855,000 medical professionals, artists, researchers, business leaders, and others in Indianapolis, Indiana. We can accommodate you whether you speak English or any of the more than 500 other major languages we support. We guarantee accurate transcripts drafted by skilled humans in any number of subjects, and even if your audio is highly complex, we won’t charge you more. That means our pricing stays simple and affordable, making ordering from us a breeze.

Our team can’t wait to start working on your transcript.

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Free transcription samples available!

If you’d prefer to see for yourself what we can do before you actually purchase our services, no problem! We’re so confident you’ll be blown away by our skills that we’re happy to offer samples for free. Just click the link below to set the process in motion.

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