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Unbeatable Video and Audio Transcription in Detroit

Detroit’s most skilled video and audio transcriptionists are at your disposal.

As the leading online transcription service for content in English and foreign languages, is here to serve the city of Detroit, Michigan. We work with people from all walks of life, including scholars, businesspeople, healthcare professionals, and others for whom the Fisher Building and the Masonic Temple are symbols of home. We’re incredibly flexible, so whether you have audio, video, or a handwritten document, we’d be thrilled to offer our services.

Thanks to their unparalleled talent and wide-ranging experience, our transcriptionists have a firm grasp on all things transcription. Moreover, they’re all human, and they draw on their vast experience to verify that every single transcript we deliver is accurate, even ones that we initially run through a speech recognition program to create a "rough draft." What kind of transcription do you require? Sermon transcription? Deposition transcription? Translation, even? No matter what you need, we promise a professionally formatted and remarkably accurate transcript.

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Our top-notch transcription services are for everyone in Detroit.

We pride ourselves on being the highest-quality audio and video transcription agency in Detroit, Michigan, and even the United States. As such, we make it our mission to provide all clients with only the best transcription services to meet their needs.

  • We’re here to serve students, professors, and researchers associated with the University of Detroit Mercy, Wayne State University, the University of Phoenix Detroit, and all of Detroit’s post-secondary institutions. We provide academic transcription for lecture notes, recorded conferences, group conversations, and more, and we guarantee your transcriptionist will be highly familiar with the terminology of your field.

  • The content creators of Motor City may need captions for films, YouTube videos, or television, and for those looking for timestamps or speaker identification tags, no worries, as we can add those extras for free. If you’d like to publish your transcript as soon as you receive it, we can even have our phenomenal proofreading team go over it first to make sure no silly typos slip through.

  • Is English not your native language? Whether your mother tongue is Croatian, Kazakh, Spanish, or almost anything else, we can provide transcription and even translation for you. Our international transcription team supports 500+ languages, meaning we can transcribe, translate, and subtitle foreign content with ease.

  • Maybe you’re a Detroit medical professional who needs professional transcription for medical reports or notes. Whether your specialty is oncology, anesthesiology, obstetrics and gynecology, or any other field, the phenomenally talented medical transcription firm we’ve partnered with can help you. They work with healthcare providers across Detroit, from Downtown Detroit, to Midtown, to elsewhere.

  • If you work in a law firm in Detroit and you need the help of skilled transcriptionists with expertise in law and legal terminology, our superb legal transcription partner caters to legal professionals in any field, promising extreme confidentiality and the best legal transcripts in all of Detroit.

  • If you, for any reason at all, require a professional to transcribe your recordings, videos, or handwritten documents, we are at your disposal.

All you have to do to get the process started is send us your material! Send us your file for transcription today.

With us, you can rest assured you’re getting the best.

With transcriptionists, editors, and translators at the top of their industries who are experts in a wide variety of areas, including communications, psychology, and philosophy, we guarantee you’ll receive high-quality transcription, editing, and even translation. Worried your accent or dialect may pose problems for your transcriptionist? Our transcriptionists are familiar with countless accents and dialects, so we can accommodate you.

Detroit is a big city, with a population of around 673,000, and many of those people, whether business leaders, researchers, lawyers, artists, or others, need high-quality transcripts from the best transcriptionists in the industry. We’re here for the people of the largest city in Michigan, ready to transcribe their audio, video, and handwritten content whenever they need us, whether in English or one of over 500 other languages. We don’t charge extra for complex clips, so ordering transcription services from us is incredibly simple!

Our team is just itching to get to work on your transcript.

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Free transcription samples available!

If you’re not quite ready yet to place a paid order, we offer free samples precisely to clear up any doubts you may have about our services. We’re fully confident that once you see what our skilled team can do, you won’t have any doubts at all.

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