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Dutch Transcription Services


Finding high-quality Dutch transcription services can be difficult. Here at, we endeavor to provide the most accurate Dutch transcription services online. Our extensively experienced team of transcriptionists and translators works tirelessly to deliver top-notch transcription of Dutch audio and video into either Dutch or English text.

Want to get started? Order now, and we’ll start working on your Dutch transcript right away.

When It Comes to Dutch Transcription, We Know Our Stuff

Dutch, a West Germanic language similar to English and German, is spoken by 23,000,000 people natively, a number that grows to 27,000,000 when second-language learners are included. Dutch is widely spoken in the Netherlands and Suriname, and the prominent dialect of Flemish is spoken in much of Belgium and parts of France. Due to the influence of the Netherlands, small Dutch communities also exist elsewhere around the world.

If you’d like to extend the reach of your Dutch audio or video, transcription is perfect for you. The expert team at aims to help you achieve this by professionally transcribing your file into Dutch or English text. Whether you’re aiming to conduct research, strengthen marketing efforts, design informative materials, or spread your message broadly for a wide audience, our transcripts will help you achieve your goals.

Dutch Is a Human Language, But Machines Can Still Help

Maybe someday in the distant future, robots will be able to speak Dutch well, but with the technology where it is now, automatic speech recognition software just isn't accurate enough to do your high-end texts justice. But that doesn't mean the technology doesn't have its place—our human transcriptionists can use machine transcription to speed up their work without compromising on quality. At, we strictly trust only the most skilled of humans to ensure accuracy in our transcription services, arduously correcting any mistakes that pop up in machine-generated transcription.

Even if your recording is full of Dutch idioms, colloquialisms, and nonstandard accents, we’ll expertly navigate them to produce an accurate transcript. Don’t worry about dialects, either. Whether your clip is in West Flemish, East Flemish, Brabantian, or any other Dutch dialect, we’ll enlist the assistance of a specialist in that dialect so we can promise the ultimate quality.

You Won’t Find a More Flexible Dutch Transcription Service

Thanks to our transcriptionists’ and translators’ extensive experience, which spans various areas of academia and business, we’re qualified to produce transcripts in a wide array of fields. In fact, we’re so experienced that even background noise, multiple speakers, complicated subjects, and other audio quality issues pose no problem for us. Our transcriptionists work hard to generate a precise, professional written Dutch version of every audio or video file. If you’d prefer to receive an English text, that’s no problem, because we can translate your transcript into English, too.

We’re all about quality. Amateurs and speech-to-text software don’t cut it with us—at least not without the careful eye of professional human transcriptionists ensuring accuracy. For highly customizable, highly confidential Dutch transcription with numerous turnaround options to ensure timely delivery, turn to We’re ready whenever you are.

Whether you’re seeking transcription services in NYC, Detroit, Indianapolis, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, or anywhere else in the world, we’re here to help.

Order your first Dutch transcript now.

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