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New York’s Leading Audio and Video Transcription Firm

New York

Would you like to experience the best transcription services NYC has to offer?

Bringing together skilled transcriptionists in New York City and beyond, is the most trusted name in online English and foreign language transcription. If the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty are common sights for you as you go about your daily life, we want to help you, whether you’re a researcher, entrepreneur, or anyone else. In addition to audio and video material, we can also transcribe handwritten documents, making us truly flexible.

One thing that positions us above competitors is our staunch dedication to quality in our transcription work. This doesn't mean we entirely forgo speech recognition software—rather, it means our human transcriptionists comb through all machine-generated transcripts with the utmost care to ensure the quality matches a 100% human-created transcript. We guarantee the utmost accuracy by using only the most talented transcriptionists in the industry. If your material isn’t in English, we can even translate it for you, as well.

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No matter who you are in NYC, our services are right for you.

It may be bold of us to announce that we can serve anyone, no matter their needs, but given we’re the leading audio and video transcription solution in not only NYC but also the entire state of New York as well as the United States in general, we’re confident in our ability to deliver on our promise.

  • We can’t count all the post-secondary education institutions in NYC—Columbia University, NYU, and Fordham University are just a few. If you’re a scholar, researcher, or professor who requires transcription services, just send your recorded lectures, group conversations, or conferences our way. As academic material can contain specialized terminology, we’ll always ensure your transcriptionist is familiar with your field.

  • The Big Apple has a booming art scene, with content creators flocking to show off their talents. Transcription needs are common in the creative community, so just tell us if you have specific requests, such as timestamps or speaker identification, as we can add them for free. We offer video captioning services as well as professionally proofread final-draft transcripts ready for immediate publication.

  • As the biggest city in the land of the free, New York City is a beacon of the American dream, attracting immigrants from all over the planet. Whether you speak Hebrew, Polish, or Chinese, we can serve you, as our team handles more than 500 languages. Just send us your foreign-language audio or video, and we’ll get right to work transcribing or translating it. We can create video subtitles as well, if you wish.

  • Hematology, pediatrics, and psychiatry are all subfields with abundant medical transcription needs in NYC. Whether you work in one of these or another specialty, we can match you with a medical transcriptionist from our partner agency. They’ve worked with doctors in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the rest of NYC to craft accurate transcripts.

  • Do you practice law in NYC? If so, don’t waste time searching for the perfect legal transcription agency, because we’ve partnered with the best firm in the city. Our certified legal transcription partner will draft precise legal transcripts, with sky-high standards of quality and confidentiality.

  • If you need transcription services in New York, we’re here for you! Whether for audio, video, or text, we’d love to turn your content into a professionally formatted transcript.

Just send us your files, and go out and enjoy the wonders of New York. We’ll take care of the rest.

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Are we really the best transcription company in New York?

In transcription, proofreading, and translation, our professional experts have years of experience behind them. Not only that, but our team includes experts from various fields, including literature, biology, and archaeology. No matter the topic of your material, your dialect, or your accent, our skilled transcriptionists promise to deliver a remarkably precise transcript.

A whopping 8,538,000 or so people call New York home, among them countless content creators, business owners, scholars, and others who require transcription. Many of them speak a language other than English as their native tongue, but thanks to our skilled international team of transcriptionists and translators, we can accommodate everyone. Our prices stay the same no matter how complicated your audio is, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees.

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Samples available for free!

If you don’t feel comfortable placing an order without seeing our work first, we understand. We’ve implemented a free sample system just for careful clients like you. See just how far we can exceed your expectations.

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