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Flemish Transcription Services

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Belgium is often considered to be linguistically split between Dutch and French, with the northern portion speaking the former and the southern speaking the latter. But in fact, the Dutch spoken in Belgium is distinct enough to be categorized on its own. Known as Flemish, the dialect is the biggest native language in Belgium, and if you need transcription services in Flemish, our team at would be happy to help—no matter what kind of content your audio or video recording deals with.

Why not order Flemish transcription services today?

Let Us Handle All Your Flemish Transcription Needs

Flemish, a Dutch dialect with 6.5 million native speakers, is native to the northern part of the Belgian territory, also known as Flanders. While Flemish is generally considered a dialect of Dutch, it can differ in substantial ways, not only in pronunciation but also in basic vocabulary, which can sometimes have entirely different meanings in the two languages. The language is also full of “belgicisms,” or terms that only exist in the Flemish version of Dutch. Often, these are loanwords derived from French, but sometimes belgicisms are purist, using native Dutch vocabulary as opposed to Netherlands Dutch, which employs a French loanword.

Our Flemish transcription team consists of proud native speakers from all over Flanders who possess a deep knowledge of their native language and all the ways it differs from the Dutch spoken in the Netherlands. Our transcriptionists also specialize in different types of transcription, including academic transcription, business transcription, and creative transcription, and we hire team members who are familiar with other fields to ensure that we can accommodate the needs of clients with technical material.

Incorporating Transcription Technology Responsibly for Top Quality

We’re impressed with the rapid advancements of speech-recognition software, which we see as a wonderful way to speed up our transcription work. By no means can this technology replace our specially trained human transcriptionists—it just isn’t accurate enough. But it does a good job of generating a base transcript from which our human transcriptionists can craft a highly accurate transcript, either in Flemish or English.

Diving into the specific intricacies of Flemish can also be difficult for automated transcription software. These programs are typically more geared toward the Standard Dutch spoken in the Netherlands and thus may fail to recognize certain belgicisms or misunderstand Flemish pronunciation, leading to errors. That will never happen with our native-speaking Flemish transcriptionists, who are specially trained to deliver high-quality Flemish transcripts on all subjects.

Our Flexible Team Accommodates Your Project’s Specifications

​There are many reasons you may require Flemish transcription services, and we’ve built our team to accommodate as many of these unique needs as possible. Perhaps you’re working in academia, or maybe business, or perhaps the entertainment industry. Whatever you need your transcripts for, we have the right specialist on our team for your transcript of Flemish audio or video material—even if you want it translated into English.

So, don’t worry about the type of project or the subject matter of your material. You can choose from our wide selection of Flemish transcription experts who have knowledge in a range of subjects, ensuring accuracy even for technical content. And if you’re worried about your tight schedule, don’t be—the turnaround time is entirely up to you. There are no geographical limits to our Flemish transcription services either, so turn to us whether you’re in Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent, Leuven, Aalst, Mechelen, Brussels, elsewhere in Flanders, or anywhere else in the world!

If you want the best in Flemish transcription services, just place an order for our services today!

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