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French Transcription Services


For the best French transcription services, look no further than We proudly work with exceptionally skilled transcriptionists and translators to bring you the most accurate, most professional French transcripts possible. We’re dedicated to transcribing all kinds of audio or video in French, the sophisticated and beautiful “language of love,” producing precise transcripts you can rely on.

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No One Rivals Our French Transcription Skills

Approximately 76,800,000 people grow up speaking French, and that number more than doubles to 284,960,000 when second-language speakers are included, making French one of the most learned foreign languages after English. French is spoken all over the world, most notably in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada (Quebec), and West Africa but also in various Francophone communities scattered across each continent.

The expert transcriptionists at can help you spread your French message across the world with the help of their professional transcription services. Whether you’d like your transcript in French, with a potential reach of 284,960,000, or in English, with an astounding potential reach of 1.5 billion, we’ll work hard to produce the most accurate text possible. We create transcripts for numerous purposes, including but not limited to research, marketing, documentary production, and enhanced accessibility, so no matter the nature of your audio or video, we’re eager to assist you.

Machines and Humans: A Great Partnership for Transcription Services

We’re not like other French transcription services. Some transcription companies rely entirely on automated speech recognition technology, forgoing the human professionals who ensure accuracy. While we may lean on such technology to increase our efficiency, we strictly require all transcripts to undergo a thorough review by a human transcriptionist, who carefully compares the transcript to the audio clip. Thanks to the years of experience and keen attention to detail of our human French transcriptionists, every transcript we deliver, even those initially generated by software, are trustworthy.

Our superb team is made up of experts who know the ins and outs of French idioms, slang, and the wide range of native and non-native accents. A language as widely spoken as French inevitably contains a multitude of dialects, but our transcriptionists are all well versed in Metropolitan French, Canadian French, African French, and countless others. For the utmost quality, we’ll assign a transcriptionist who specializes in your dialect to deliver your transcript.

Customize Your French Transcript the Way You Want

Here at, we let you make the choice: French or English? That’s right—we offer not only top-notch French transcription services but also the option to translate your French transcript into English. Our services are available for any type of clip, whether from the academic sphere, the business world, or any other area. We also work with all kinds of recordings, so it doesn’t matter if the audio quality is suboptimal, if your clip features various speakers, or if the content is highly technical. Thanks to our vast experience, such challenges are no problem for us.

If you’re looking for a professional, accurate transcript, only the most talented human transcriptionists will do. We offer highly flexible French transcription services, and we guarantee we’ll keep the content of your audio or video strictly confidential. You can also choose among several turnaround options to optimize the timeline for your project. Our transcriptionists are eager to get to work, so if you’re ready, just send your French audio or video our way.

Whether you’re in Boston, Austin, Las Vegas, or another city, and whether your audio originates in Paris (France), Kinshasa (DR Congo), Montreal (Canada), or anywhere else in the French-speaking world, we can work with you.

Order now for the best French transcription services available online.

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