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Business Transcription Services

Business Transcription Services

Our skilled team of transcriptionists works with businesses, professionals, nonprofit organizations, and corporate clients across a range of industries. From conferences, to meetings, to keynote speeches, to focus group discussions, to handwritten notes, our experienced transcriptionists will produce precise, professionally formatted transcripts your business can rely on.

Why waste resources creating transcripts in-house when you could entrust the task to our transcription experts, freeing your team members to focus on more pressing work?

Get the accurate transcripts your business needs—fast.

Order business transcription today.

We cater to business clients from a range of industries.

Our team comprises expert transcriptionists with backgrounds in a variety of fields, from technology, to finance, to entertainment. This uniquely enables us to match each business transcription project with a transcriptionist who has knowledge in that field, ensuring accuracy with regard to industry jargon and complex technical terminology. Below are just some of the services we offer for business clients:

  • Interview transcription. Notes scrawled hastily during an interview can be difficult to interpret later, but on the other hand, scrolling through a long audio file to find the exact information you need can be time-consuming. Transcripts allow you to create a written record of interviews and find key information easily and quickly.

  • Conference transcription. We help conference organizers create accurate, easy-to-disseminate records of panel discussions, keynote speeches, and presentations that can be used for later research or publication. Transcripts make conferences more accessible for attendees with hearing difficulties, and they allow those unable to attend the conference to benefit from any crucial information discussed.

  • Phone call transcription. Accurate phone call transcripts, aside from helping businesses keep track of important discussions, deadlines, and information, can also be used internally for customer service training.

  • Focus group transcription. A lot can happen in focus groups, with participants of different backgrounds providing essential feedback and ideas. Capture every critical moment of your focus group discussions with a transcript that you can use later for R&D and marketing.

  • Sermon transcription. We work with pastors and faith organizations to create transcripts that can be published on parish websites or sent out to parishioners via email. Transcription makes sermons accessible for the hearing-impaired and for those unable to attend services.

We offer extras such as timestamps and speaker identification tags for free, and our team can accurately transcribe even poor-quality audio with background noise, multiple speakers, and difficult accents.

Why rely on for business transcription?

We believe in entrusting projects to qualified experts. This is why, unlike some of our competitors, we're very careful about the use of speech-recognition software in our transcripts, always ensuring that our human transcriptionists meticulously verify the results for accuracy. We know what kinds of inaccurate, nonsensical transcripts these programs produce—and we know that when decision-makers and stakeholders need critical information fast, they need to be able to trust that the transcripts they use are 100% accurate. So, when we do use this software, it's only as a tool, and you can rest assured that your transcript will always be approved by a skilled human transcriptionist.

We lead the transcription industry for a reason: This reason is the unparalleled skill and experience of our team. We assign each business transcription project to a team member with a background in that industry, meaning our transcriptionists approach projects with confidence and firsthand knowledge. This enables us to work accurate and quickly, even within the tightest corporate deadlines.

Get accurate transcripts your business can rely on.

Order a business transcript today.

Here’s what some of our satisfied clients have to say about our business transcription services:’s high quality transcription enriches the user experience of our website. Their fast turnaround times, top-notch customer service, and professionalism make them our number one choice for transcription.

—Matt Wise


Attention to detail and excellent customer service are rare these days, but the team at provides both. The company has quickly become one of my trusted business partners.

—Jolie Newman

President, ProEdit Solutions


The transcript looks great. Obviously you have a great business and will continue to do well!

—Philip Taylor



​It’s been a pleasure working with your company!

—Jewelle Harmon

Gwinnett County Public Schools

​Thank you for providing an excellent transcript. Your service exceeded my expectations.


Business Writer

​Excellent service and reasonably priced. Will definitely use them again in the future.

—James M. McGuire

Director, Insurance Designers of America


​Thanks very much for an excellent transcript. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was!

—Robin McManus

Windermere Real Estate

​You all did a WONDERFUL job! Thank you again SO MUCH! I have told everyone here to use you in the future for any transcription needs. You delivered a WONDERFUL product. Thanks again so MUCH!

—Justin Randolph

LLNS Healthcare Communications


​We used to transcribe our conference calls. They did a very meticulous and uncompromising job. Their ordering workflow is also very simple, and they responded in a timely manner.

—Refael Ackermann

Software Developer, EMPEERIC

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