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YouTube Transcription Services

YouTube Transcription Services

If you host a YouTube channel or showcase videos on this popular platform, you know optimizing your videos for search engines is key to earning more views. Transcripts of your videos can help search engines find you more easily and rank your channel higher in search results. Research has shown that search engines rank video content paired with transcripts higher than they do videos alone. This strategy can help bring your target audience directly to your videos.

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Transcripts expand your audience.

Search engines such as Google index websites using text, not video content. This is why so many YouTubers invest in captions and transcripts to help boost their video views. YouTube transcripts add text to the content, enabling search engines to index your video or your website more easily.

In addition to bringing more people to your videos through search results, providing transcripts for your videos can attract different audiences. People who have difficulty hearing or whose first language is not English may find a transcript of your content more enjoyable. Transcripts also make it easy for you and others to cite important segments of your video for later reference. Transcripts can be shared easily and quoted on social media, meaning anyone who can’t view your video right away can still use the information you’re offering.

Our team of transcriptionists has a wealth of experience providing YouTube transcripts. We maintain high standards for accuracy and quality, and we work according to turnaround times that fit your needs. We can get started with just a link to your video—no need to send us a recording.

Order your YouTube transcripts today.

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