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Phone Call Transcription Services

Phone Call Transcription Services

The importance of the ordinary phone call cannot be overstated in the business world. Conducting business via phone saves enormous amounts of time and prevents the hassle of travel and long, unproductive meetings.

Still, this method of communication is not without minor inconveniences. If any stakeholders are absent from a call, demonstrating the rationale behind important decisions can be difficult. Key details sometimes get lost, or valuable feedback fails to reach decision-makers. can help by transcribing your phone calls, meaning you can get the right information to the right people in a timely manner.

Our transcripts help you convey important information to the people who need it. Order phone call transcripts today.


Rely on professionals.

Getting an accurate phone call transcript is easy: Simply record your call and send the audio file to us, and we’ll deliver your transcript to you within your deadline.  

You could try to transcribe your recorded calls in-house, but your time would be better spent growing your business and securing new customers. Let handle the task of transcribing calls while you focus on activities that generate profit.

Simply check out our prices and turnaround times, and send your recording to us. Then we’ll email you the final transcript.


We offer other transcription options, too.

In addition to phone call transcripts, we offer transcription for these related needs:


  • Conference calls: Our transcriptionists can handle the complexity of calls featuring numerous speakers or poor audio quality.


  • Skype calls: The technology may be new, but the process remains the same. Our team can transcribe Skype calls just as quickly and thoroughly as other phone recordings or conference calls.

Don’t wait. Place an order for phone call transcripts today.

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