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Focus Group Transcription Services

Focus Group Transcription Services

Focus groups provide insight into the preferences and behaviors of target demographics. Since focus groups typically consist of ten or more people discussing a product or service, an accurate record of the discussion is critical for later research and decision-making.

Transcripts of focus group audio or video make it easier to convey the details of these discussions. For example, marketers often refer to these transcripts when creating effective marketing strategies. If your business or organization needs focus group transcripts, trust to deliver high quality at an affordable price.


We have experience transcribing recordings for various kinds of focus groups and related discussions:

  • Market research

  • Market surveys

  • Round tables

  • Office meetings

  • Business groups

  • Brainstorming activities

  • Strategic planning

  • Lectures

  • Workshops and seminars

Our team can meet your needs. Order focus group transcripts today.

A team with experience

Since focus groups involve multiple speakers, they pose a particular challenge to transcriptionists. People interrupt and talk over one another frequently. Discussions flow freely and often lack structure, which makes transcription more difficult. Our team can overcome these challenges, as we have years of experience transcribing focus group conversations on a vast range of topics.


Transcripts can help decision-makers understand and refer to these free-flowing discussions more easily than recordings, where some people may be hard to understand or hear, thick accents can make listening difficult, and heated conversations can be tough to follow.

Having a transcript available can help clarify any points of confusion and ensure the ideas and opinions of the focus group are presented accurately. They also make it easy to highlight important thoughts and refer to them easily in the future. No rewinding or fast-forwarding needed!

Confidential, accurate, high-quality transcripts maintains the highest standards of accuracy, quality, and confidentiality because we understand the importance of the information that comes from focus group sessions. We also have a fair pricing structure and quick turnarounds. Combined with our experience, this makes us the premier provider of focus group transcription services.

Place an order for focus group transcription today.

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