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Top-Notch Transcription Services in Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Are you looking for the best transcription agency in LA?

You can stop the search now, because is at your disposal. We’re the leading transcription firm in English as well as more than 500 other languages, so whether you’re a producer for a feature film in Hollywood, a doctor working to save lives every day, or any other professional or academic who enjoys a daily walk past Griffith Observatory, our mission is to produce the best transcript you can imagine for your audio, video, or handwritten documents.

It's no secret that speech-to-text algorithms produce innumerable errors. But since our team comprises highly trained professional human transcriptionists with years of experience behind them, it's easy for them to comb through a machine-generated transcript and correct it to match the audio clip it was produced from, which is an approach we sometimes take. We can transcribe and even translate business meetings, depositions, interviews, and anything else, and we promise the utmost accuracy, guaranteed through our transcriptionists’ phenomenal expertise.

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Who are we qualified to serve?

Put simply, we serve all of Los Angeles as well as California and the rest of the United States. We help people with all sorts of transcription needs—just take a look at the list below.

  • Students, researchers, and professors: Are you associated with UCLA, USC, Cal State LA, or another one of LA’s highly reputed post-secondary institutes? If so, we offer academic transcription for lecture notes, conference recordings, or whatever else you might need. To ensure maximum precision, we’ll assign your order to a transcriptionist familiar with your field of research.

  • Content creators and artists: Whether you’re on the Hollywood scene or creating content elsewhere in the City of Angels, we understand you may require special extras for your transcripts—speaker identification or video timestamps, for example. Just let us know, and we’ll provide these extra services for free. We can also do video captioning, and if you wish, we can provide a publication-ready transcript by handing it off to our proofreading team.

  • Non-native English speakers: As LA is the second-biggest city in the United States, people from all over the world flock here for a new life, creating communities that speak Spanish, Greek, Nepali, Turkish, and countless other languages. Our international team works with more than 500 languages and would be thrilled to provide transcription and even translation services for you. If you’d like us to generate video subtitles, we can do that, too.

  • Healthcare professionals: Medical care providers in a city as massive as Los Angeles are busy, whether they work in urology, obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesiology, or any other specialty. They don’t have time to search for the perfect medical transcription agency. No worries—we’ll get you set up with our phenomenal medical transcription partner company so you can enjoy the best medical transcription in all of LA, from Hollywood to Pasadena.

  • Legal professionals: Do you work at one of the many fine law firms in LA? If so, you know how important high-quality legal transcripts are. To benefit hard-working legal professionals like you, we’ve set up a partnership with a top-notch legal transcription agency that values confidentiality and precision above all else.

  • Anyone: Whether you’re a student, artist, doctor, lawyer, or anyone else, regardless of your language, we can help you. As long as you have a recording or handwritten document you need transcribed, we’re here for you.

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We’re the best of the best.

That’s a big claim, but we truly believe it, because our team members are experts in their fields, whether transcription, proofreading, or translating foreign languages. With backgrounds in various spheres, such as history, anthropology, and science, as well as familiarity with different accents and dialects from around the globe, our transcriptionists can guarantee the utmost precision, even for complex terminology or poor audio quality.

From Hollywood movie producers and UCLA students to thriving businesspeople and brilliant lawyers, Los Angeles’s massive population of 3,976,000 requires many, many transcripts. But have no fear— is here to serve California’s biggest city, whether you speak English, Spanish, or any one of countless other languages. We differ from many other transcription agencies, which augment their prices based on the difficulty of your audio. With us, you pay a consistent rate, meaning you can obtain top-level transcription services simply and painlessly.

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It’s only natural that you might like to check out a free sample of our work before you pay us to transcribe your content. No problem! We have confidence in our ability to impress you with our skills.

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