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Nepali Transcription Services

Map of Nepal boasts the best Nepali transcriptionists available, and we are eager to help convert your Nepali audio or video into professionally formatted text. We pride ourselves on our precision, professionalism, and speed, delivering transcripts you can rely on in Nepali, the language of Nepal.

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You Won’t Find Better Nepali Transcriptionists Anywhere

A total of 15,451,000 people consider Nepali their mother tongue, and the number of speakers jumps to 24,130,000 if we consider all those who have learned Nepali as a second language. Nepali is used widely in multiple nations—Nepal, India, and Bhutan—but smaller Nepali communities are also scattered across the globe.

Here at, our goal is to help you broaden the audience of your Nepali audio or video by converting it into writing. With our remarkably accurate transcripts, which we can deliver in either Nepali or English, you can perform ethnographic research, produce SEO content for your business, broaden accessibility to your service, or create an educational film, among many other applications.

A Perfect Synergy Between Humans and Machines

Modern technology can do a lot of impressive things, but when it comes to transcription, it simply can’t compete with humans—at least not in terms of accuracy. When programs try to transcribe audio or video files, they just can't produce the same level of accuracy and quality that human transcriptionist can, especially if there's a lot of slang or regional dialects. But the advantage of speech-to-text software is that it can produce relatively accurate transcripts in a matter of seconds. So, we like to employ this technology as a tool to speed up our job while relying on our experienced human transcriptionists to clean up all the inaccuracies the machines produce—this gives us accurate and high-quality transcripts on a faster turnaround.

This means we can expertly navigate all sorts of Nepali sayings, slang terms, and irregular accents. What about dialects? They would surely trip up a speech-to-text program, but not our human transcriptionists, who are highly familiar with dialects such as Bajureli, Darchuleli, Soradi, and more. Would you like a transcriptionist fluent in a particular dialect to transcribe your audio? No problem. We can arrange that.

We Offer the Most Customizable Nepali Transcripts Around

How would you like us to write your transcript? With, you have the choice between the native Devanagari script and a transliteration into Latin characters. If you choose Latin characters, we’ll even give you a choice of language—Nepali or English. That’s right. Not only can we transcribe Nepali, but we can also translate your transcript into English.


What’s your audio about? Complicated academic subjects? Complex business topics? Our clients hail from all imaginable fields, so we can transcribe content from any area. Are you worried about the sound quality of your recording or about how there are multiple speakers? Have no fear. We’re seasoned professionals at transcribing Nepali and can handle even poor audio quality.

When it comes to Nepali transcription, why settle for anything less than the best? We’re dedicated to customization, confidentiality, precision, and blazing speed. We also offer a wide variety of turnaround times because we want to make sure you always receive your professionally transcribed text on time to meet your project deadline. Just send us your Nepali audio or video file, and we’ll take care of the rest.

No matter where you are, whether in Philadelphia, Boston, or NYC or in Kathmandu (Nepal), Pokhara (Nepal), or Samtse (Bhutan), we’re here to help.

Order now.

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