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Audio and Video Transcription Services in Philadelphia


Get accurate transcripts from leading transcription experts.

No matter where you come from in Philadelphia, if you love Independence National Historical Park and the Liberty Bell, we at would love to fulfill all your transcription needs. Since we lead the market in online transcription, whether it’s in English or a non-English language, we can cater to researchers, businesspeople, and other professionals to transcribe material of all kinds, from audio and video to content written by hand.

The most powerful computer—the human brain—will always generate more accurate transcripts than speech recognition software. But machines will always generate transcripts much faster than humans, even if they're not so accurate. The perfect solution is a blend: using speech-to-text software to crate a "rough draft" that experienced human transcriptionists then work with to craft into a real transcript. So, no matter your need, be it deposition transcription, lecture transcription, or transcription and translation services for non-English languages, we promise to deliver the utmost quality and precision.

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Transcription solutions for all transcription needs

You won’t find a better, more flexible transcription service in all of Philadelphia. For that matter, we’re also the best audio and video transcription company in Pennsylvania and even the entire United States. Given our skills and expertise, we know we can meet your transcription needs.

  • Do you study, teach, or research at the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, or Drexel University? If so, we have your academic transcription needs covered. Whether you have conference recordings or handwritten lecture notes, we’ll provide you with an incredibly accurate transcript crafted by an expert transcriptionist familiar with your field of study.

  • Do you produce creative content for the City of Brotherly Love? If so, you may require some special features, such as speaker identification or timestamps for video content. We can add these features for free. We’re also capable of providing captioning services for videos and creating drafts that you can publish immediately upon receipt, thanks to our in-house editing team.

  • Are you a medical professional in need of transcription for a specialized field such as internal medicine, radiology, or pathology? Our brilliant medical transcription partner firm has you covered, whether your practice is in Center City West, South Broad, or anywhere else. Our partner delivers precise medical transcripts to healthcare providers all over Philadelphia.

  • Are you a player in Philly’s law scene? It’s important that legal transcriptionists have a keen ear for the complex legal terminology they’ll encounter, which is why we’ve partnered with the best legal transcription firm in the industry. Our partner guarantees precise legal transcripts quickly, reliably, and confidentially.

  • Perhaps you don’t fit into any of these categories but you still have content, whether in audio, video, or text form, that you would like us to transcribe. No problem—send it our way!

When you’re ready, send us your content, and we’ll get to work.

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What makes us the best transcription team on the web?

Our range of services places us above other transcription companies. Not only do we transcribe content, but we also proofread it and translate it from over 500 languages. Furthermore, we can work with subject matter in nearly any field, given our team’s expertise in various areas, including literature, chemistry, and marketing. Do you speak in a particular dialect or accent? That won’t pose a problem, either, as our phenomenal transcriptionists are familiar with various speech patterns and can easily accommodate your needs.

With a population of more than 1,568,000, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is no small city. It would be impossible to count all the lawyers, artists, academics, business owners, and others looking for top-notch transcription. But, whether they speak English or one of the many other languages we offer transcription and translation services in, we can help every last one of them. Our pricing model is simple, unchanging based on how complex your material is. That means you can get professional transcription services at an affordable and transparent rate.

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Would you like to see a sample of our work first?

Some clients would like to see firsthand the sort of performance we can deliver before they submit an order. If that sounds like you, we have just the feature for you—a free sample! Let us show you what our team is made of.

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