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The Best Transcription Services for Internal Medicine

Looking for a professional transcription agency to deliver high-quality internal medicine transcripts on time?

While doesn’t provide internal medicine transcripts, we’ve partnered with a company that provides a high level of transcription services in a variety of branches of medicine, including internal medicine. Whether you’re a hospital, a clinic, or any other healthcare institution, our partner would be thrilled to fulfill your transcription needs.

The team of skilled transcriptionists at our partner firm, some of whom have more than 20 years of experience under their belt, work in a variety of specialties within the broad field of internal medicine, including the following and more: advanced heart failure and transplant cardiology; cardiovascular disease; clinical cardiac electrophysiology; critical care; endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism; gastroenterology; geriatrics; hematology; infectious diseases; internal medicine; interventional cardiology; nephrology; oncology; pediatric internal medicine; pulmonary disease; rheumatology; sleep medicine; sports medicine; and transplant hepatology.

Our partner firm hires only the most talented professional medical transcriptionists, ensuring they’ll never make the sorts of errors amateurs or speech recognition algorithms might—such as misunderstanding “metformin” as “met foremen,” for example.

Get internal medicine transcripts perfectly suited to your institution’s needs

The needs of your medical institution are unique, specific to the way your institution works. In medicine, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, and the transcription company we’ve established a partnership with is aware of that. Therefore, they’ll always take care to adapt the parameters of their transcription services to best fit the environment at your facility. This way, they ensure you get the best possible transcript for your needs.

Our partner’s flexibility extends to the form of your audio recordings, as well. Whether you’ve recorded notes you dictated, a presentation, a report, or an interview, they can turn your audio into professionally formatted text. Accents also pose no problem, as our partner’s expert transcriptionists can work with English from all around the world. All you have to do to get started is send them your audio file using your phone or their special app.

Save lives with accuracy

In the medical field, accuracy matters. Whether you’re a doctor or a nurse directly interacting with patients or a medical transcriptionist working behind the scenes to facilitate the healthcare process, patients depend on your accuracy to keep them healthy and safe. You don’t want an imprecise internal medicine transcript to hinder your responsibilities to your patients, as it might if you hire an amateur or use a speech-to-text program that misunderstands “electrocardiography” as “elective cardiography.”

Thanks to their sharp eyes and extensive experience, the transcriptionists who work for our partner firm guarantee they’ll never deliver transcripts with such amateurish errors. They’re extremely dedicated to their craft, taking pride in their sky-high levels of accuracy and quality assurance.

Medical transcription is a race against time

All medical professionals, be they doctors or medical transcriptionists, have to work fast. The company we work with always delivers first-rate internal medicine transcripts by your chosen turnaround time because of the high value they place on speed. No matter when you need your transcript completed, you can rest assured you’ll get it back on time.

You can always rely on our partner firm

An exceptional customer experience is part of the package you get with our partner agency. Their eager support team is available 24/7 to solve any issues you may encounter, whether they’re related to implementation or account management, and are always ready to provide kind and friendly support to customers. Anytime you run into an issue, all you need to do is pick up the phone and give them a call.

They keep your sensitive internal medicine data confidential

If you’re nervous about handing over sensitive information to a third party, don’t be. The agency we’ve partnered with strictly complies with HIPAA and other laws designed to protect patient data, and they have in place a multitude of measures to ensure your information remains confidential. They’ll store it on secure servers that protect your data with advanced encryption techniques, and all their transcriptionists have signed strict nondisclosure agreements. Any information you pass on to them is in safe hands.

Get it all with our partner medical transcription company

The firm we’re in a partnership with offers all the elements customers look for in a medical transcription agency—accuracy, speed, security, reliability, and flexibility. We at are also dedicated to the highest standard of quality, so we wouldn’t partner with any firm that falls short of excellent. Their transcriptionists promise the best internal medicine transcripts every time, on time.

Want to place your first order? Let us know so we can pass your request on to our partner firm.

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