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The Best Transcripts in Radiology


Searching for the radiology field’s best, most accurate professional transcriptionists?

While does not offer radiology transcription services, we’ve established a partnership with a phenomenal medical transcription company that works with hospitals, clinics, and other medical institutions around the world to deliver top-notch transcripts in a wide range of specialties, including radiology.

What subfield of radiology are you active in? The transcriptionists at our partner firm are exceptionally experienced and familiar with numerous branches of radiology, including the following: abdominal, breast, cardiothoracic, cardiovascular, chest, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, head and neck, musculoskeletal, and vascular imaging; emergency medicine; endovascular surgical neuroradiology; interventional radiology; neuroradiology; nuclear radiology; pediatrics; and radiation oncology.

With more than 20 years of experience in the sector in some cases, the transcriptionists at our partner firm are extremely professional and dedicated to high quality. They’ll save you from the silly mistakes untrained transcriptionists or computer programs may make, such as transcribing “diatrizoate” as “diatribes await.”

These radiology transcripts are specifically crafted for your institution

All medical facilities have their own characteristics, and with those different attributes come unique challenges. The transcription company we work with is dedicated to optimizing each and every transcript to best meet your expectations, so they’ll address the specific needs and challenges at your medical institution to make sure you receive the most suitable radiology transcript for you.

Whether your radiology audio comes in the form of a report, a seminar, dictated notes, or patient interviews, the firm we’ve partnered with can work with it. As long as it’s about radiology and submitted via phone or their specialized app, they’ll turn it into a professional text for you. Worried about accents? Don’t be. No matter what type of English you speak, our partner’s transcriptionists can work with you.

Precise transcripts are vital in radiology

In the healthcare sector, you can’t afford to make mistakes. Inaccuracy from medical professionals of all kinds, from doctors and surgeons to hospital administrators and medical transcriptionists, can negatively impact the wellbeing of patients who rely on their expertise. You wouldn’t let an untrained surgeon perform a critical surgical operation, so why would you let an amateur transcribe your radiology text, running the risk of having “computed tomography” transcribed as “computer topography”?

The transcriptionists who work for our partner company have many years of experience in radiology, meaning they’re true experts in the field. Thanks to their sharp attention to detail, they guarantee that ridiculous mistakes like the one identified above will never see the light of day at your medical practice. Strictly adhering to a thorough quality assurance procedure, they promise quality in every transcript they produce.

Get radiology transcripts when you need them

If you work slowly in the healthcare industry, the patient suffers. To make sure that unmet deadlines never interfere with your critical work at your medical institution, our partner has made speed one of their priorities. They offer a range of turnaround options to fit your needs, and they guarantee they’ll always meet the deadline. Their services are also available at all times to make sure you can always get radiology transcripts when you need them.

Our partner supports you if you encounter issues

A company can’t offer the perfect customer experience without placing at your disposal a dedicated support team to troubleshoot problems for you. Their team consists of account managers and passionate transcriptionists, and should you run into problems of any sort—from implementation to the management of your account or anything else—they’re available 24/7. Need their assistance? Just pick up the phone and give them a call.

Your sensitive data will never be compromised

Many clients worry about the security of their confidential data when handing their recordings over to transcription services. You don’t need to worry with our partner agency, as they take patient confidentiality extremely seriously. Their facility is equipped with ultra-secure servers that employ the latest in encryption techniques, and all their transcriptionists are required to sign a strict NDA. Their strict adherence to HIPAA and other laws meant to safeguard patient privacy is just a further sign of their unwavering dedication to security.

Find everything you want all in one company

Take a moment to imagine the perfect radiology transcription company. What do they offer? Sharp precision? Blazing speed? Strict security? Exceptional flexibility? Undying reliability? Our partner firm perfectly fits the bill. We truly believe they’re the best medical transcription firm out there, and that’s why we’re proud to partner with them. We promise you’ll never be disappointed with their top-notch radiology transcripts.

Ready to get started? Contact us now so we can introduce you to our partner firm.

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