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Punjabi Transcription Services


Would you like experienced professionals to transcribe your Punjabi audio or video? The team at consists of skilled transcriptionists and translators who can turn your content into professionally formatted text. We provide exceptionally accurate transcripts in Punjabi, whether Western Punjabi (also known as Lahnda or Lahndi), spoken in Pakistan, or Eastern Punjabi, spoken in India.

Let’s get started on your Punjabi transcript! Order now so we can begin.

Punjabi Transcription Is Our Thing

Punjabi is no small language. It’s spoken natively by about 127,000,000 people, enjoying widespread use in the Punjab region, which covers northwestern India and northern Pakistan. However, Punjabi communities can also be found all over the globe. (There’s even a Punjabi version of Hockey Night in Canada!) With so many speakers, any Punjabi content has a large potential audience, and we at can help broaden it with professional transcripts of your audio or video.

We’re experts at converting spoken Punjabi into the written word, be it in Punjabi or in English. Our transcripts are used for ethnographic research, company SEO efforts, enhanced accessibility to important information, and the production of educational content, among many other applications.

Improving Our Transcription Work With Technology

Have you come across Punjabi speech recognition programs? There are plenty of them. The problem is that they just aren't accurate enough for high-level texts for business, academia, literature, and other domains. Here at, we know you need to rely on human expertise to deliver a high-quality transcript, and for that reason, we strictly ensure that every transcript we deliver, whether we used machine transcription for assistance or not, is carefully scrutinized and approved by a human transcriptionist before we release it to the client. Speech recognition software is a fantastic tool, but it doesn't work as a standalone service.

Even if your recording contains abundant Punjabi idioms, slang expressions, and accents, which would confuse machines, our human transcription experts can compose a remarkably precise transcript. We may initially use machines, which muddle such aspects of the transcript, but all of this is remedied when our human experts carefully check over the results. Also, we cover a range of dialects, including Majhi, Eastern, and Western, which would also trip up speech recognition programs. Our dialect specialists will make sure your transcript is amazingly accurate.

We’ll Customize Your Punjabi Transcript

Here at, we understand that each client has different needs, and we want to meet those needs. That’s why we give you the choice between the Shahmukhi script, the Gurmukhi script, and even the Roman alphabet. The customization options don’t stop there, either: Instead of simply transcribing your Punjabi recording, we can actually translate your transcript into English, as well. Whether you work in academia, business, or any other sphere, we’d be thrilled to transcribe your Punjabi audio or video. Even if it features abundant background noise, many different speakers, or difficult technical terms, that’s okay. We’re highly experienced professionals.

Don’t risk hiring an amateur to generate your Punjabi transcript. For accurate high-quality transcripts in any language, look no further than, where you’ll receive highly flexible and confidential transcripts in record time. Just choose among our many turnaround options to meet your deadline. Our eager transcriptionists are waiting for your Punjabi audio or video file.

We’ve working with clients from Washington, New York City, Philadelphia, and cities across the world who send us audio from Karachi (Pakistan), Lahore (Pakistan), Chandigarh (India), and more. No matter the location, we’re here for you.

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