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Transcription Services in Washington, DC


Are you looking for the utmost accuracy in transcription? is the number one online transcription company. Whether you need transcripts in English or a foreign language, whether you’re an academic, business owner, lawyer, or other professional anywhere in DC, and whether you often roam the steps at the Lincoln Memorial or honor the fallen soldiers at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, we’re here to professionally transcribe your content. We work with audio, video, and even handwritten text.

Our dedication to quality and accuracy is unwavering. Don't worry about the inevitable silly mistakes that speech recognition software produces, because even when we use this technology in our work, we always have our human transcriptionists carefully analyze the output in comparison to the original audio recording. We rely only on the most skilled and knowledgeable human transcriptionists in the industry. Our transcriptionists handle video transcription, academic transcription, and even transcription and translation in non-English languages, and they do it with ultimate precision.

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Will our services meet your needs?

No matter your needs, we can answer with a resounding “Definitely!” Our flexibility and diverse services have made us the top-ranked audio and video transcription company in all of Washington, DC, and the entire United States. If you need a transcript, we can deliver it.

  • Are you a student, professor, or researcher at George Washington University, the American University, or Trinity Washington University? Let us make your research a bit easier with our academic transcription services. If you need transcription of your handwritten lecture notes or recorded group discussion, we’ll ensure we assign your project to a transcriptionist with a background in your field of study.

  • Do you create original content for the District? Let us facilitate the creative process with transcription services for YouTube videos and podcasts, and we can even provide video captioning. We offer special features for content creators, such as timestamps and speaker identification, and we even have our own team of expert editors on hand to prepare professionally proofread transcripts ready for immediate publication.

  • As the capital of the United States, Washington, DC, has a diverse population, with immigrants who speak Korean, Swedish, and Czech, among countless other languages. Our transcription services aren’t only for English speakers! If you speak one of the 500+ other languages we work with, we can transcribe and even translate your content, including creating subtitles for videos.

  • Professional medical transcription companies for healthcare practitioners in radiology, internal medicine, emergency medicine, and countless other sectors can be hard to come across. We understand the importance of accuracy in medical transcripts, so we’ve partnered with a fantastic company that specializes in medical transcription. From Georgetown to Downtown, medical institutions all over Washington, DC, have already benefited from our partner’s unparalleled expertise.

  • Do you serve in one of DC’s many law firms? The brilliant legal transcription agency we partner with offers the top transcripts in the industry, with striking accuracy and uncompromising confidentiality.

  • Are your needs not covered by this list? We can transcribe any audio, video, or handwritten material. We’re here to help as many people as possible, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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What makes us DC’s best transcriptionists?

For one thing, we’re not just the best transcriptionists but also the best proofreaders and translators! For another, we know more than just transcription, as we have experts on our team in various subjects, ranging from technology, to history, to engineering. Because we assign projects to transcriptionists with backgrounds in relevant fields, we can transcribe audio or video on any topic. Finally, we also know countless dialects and accents from all over this vast world. We can transcribe your material accurately, no matter what.

Our services are available to all 681,000 people in Washington, DC. Whether you’re an academic, a content creator, an entrepreneur, a doctor, a lawyer, or another type of professional, and whether you speak English or one of the more than 500 other languages our team supports, if you need transcription services, we want to help you! We’ve made the ordering process simple and transparent by implementing a pricing model not determined by audio complexity.

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