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Korean Transcription Services


Do you require a professional transcript for Korean audio or video? We’re here for you. Our team of exceptionally experienced transcriptionists and translators are experts in turning spoken Korean into professionally formatted text. We promise to deliver professional, highly accurate transcripts in Korean, the unique language isolate of the Korean peninsula.

Order today so we can begin working on your Korean transcript.

We’re Seasoned Korean Transcription Professionals

Have you ever wondered how many people speak Korean? Combining the two Koreas and the small number of L2 speakers, approximately 77,210,000 people have a strong command of the language. Naturally, Korean is the national language of North and South Korea, but sizable Korean-speaking communities exist around the world.

If you’d like to reach as many Korean speakers as possible, we’re here to help by producing highly precise transcripts of your audio or video. If you’d like to make your content more accessible to an international audience, as well, we can even translate your transcript into English. Our first-rate Korean transcripts can help you perform ethnographic research, market your business, generate educational content, disseminate information, or achieve any other objective.

Producing Great Transcripts Quickly With a Combination of Human Expertise and Machine Speed

Korea is famous for its technological prowess and high-tech robots, but that doesn’t mean those robots can speak Korean. Algorithms can take speech-to-text software only so far, so when you plug an audio recording into such a program, it inevitably generates imprecise a text full of nonsensical mistakes. Only humans can truly speak Korean, and that’s why we at are staunch about drawing on the expertise of our human Korean transcriptionists to verify the accuracy of all our transcripts, whether initially generated by a human or a machine.

Even if your audio or video file includes Korean idioms, casual expressions, and irregular accents, our phenomenal transcriptionists can handle it. Korean comes in a range of dialects—for example, Gyeonggi, Pyongan, and Yeongseo—but that’s no problem either, because our Korean language experts are well versed in them all. Our team is staffed with specialists in various dialects, so rest assured that we can transcribe dialects extremely accurately.

The Specifications of Your Transcript Are Up to You

Would you like your Korean transcript written in Hangul, the only widely used featural writing system in the world, or transliterated into the Roman alphabet? Let us know your preference—we can do either. We can even go beyond transliteration to translation, so if you’d like your transcript in English instead of Korean, just tell us! We’ve already transcribed audio and video for scholars, business owners, and professionals of all kinds, so we’re equipped with the experience necessary to tackle any sort of content and all kinds of technical terms. Our vast experience also means that obstacles such as background noise, various speakers, and mumbled speech don’t trip us up, either.

For the best transcripts, don’t trust software or amateurs. Instead, rely on professional, highly experienced human transcriptionists to deliver flexible, confidential transcripts exactly how you want them. Have an urgent deadline? No problem. We work fast. Just choose one of our quick turnaround options. All you need to do is send us your file, and we’ll return an accurate Korean transcript.

We’re not limited by geography. We work with audio recorded in Seoul, Busan, and Incheon from clients in Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, and other cities across the world. Ready to get started? We are.

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