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Professional Audio and Video Transcription in Denver


Denver’s most accurate transcripts by Denver’s most skilled transcriptionists

All over Denver, from the Colorado State Capitol Building to the Molly Brown House Museum, academics, businesspeople, and professionals swear by, the number one online transcription provider for English and 500+ other languages alike. Whether you need transcription for audio, video, a note you wrote by hand, or anything else, we’re here for you.

Not only is our superb team of transcriptionists extremely knowledgeable and experienced, but, importantly, they’re also all human. This distinguishes us from competitors who rely solely on speech-to-text programs to produce transcripts with countless errors. These programs are a great tool for professionals, certainly, but you'll never receive a transcript from us that hasn't been carefully evaluated for accuracy by our experienced human professionals. Whether you’re looking for podcast transcription, focus group transcription, or translation and transcription of content in a foreign language, you need a team of knowledgeable humans, and we have just the team for you.

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Can we really serve everybody in Denver, Colorado?

Without a doubt! In fact, we serve not only the fine people of Denver but also clients across the United States. Our vast experience, unparalleled skills, and unmatched flexibility put us at the top of the industry and in a superb position to meet any transcription need.

  • Are you contributing to research at one of Denver’s prestigious post-secondary institutes? Whether you’re a student, professor, or researcher, you may need academic transcription for class notes, lectures, or research plans. We work with members of the University of Denver, the University of Colorado, Metropolitan State University of Denver, and other schools. To guarantee accuracy, we’ll also make sure the transcriptionist who works on your order has knowledge in your field of expertise.

  • The Mile-High City is also home to numerous creators of high-quality content, who may need captions, timestamps, or transcripts with speaker identification. Does that sound like you? Then send us your files right away, because we offer extra services like timestamps and speaker tags for free! Also, if you’re looking to publish your transcript immediately, we can have our proofreading team check over it first so you can be sure there are no typos or grammatical errors.

  • What language do you speak at home? For many people in Denver, it’s English, but for others, it’s a wide range of languages from across the globe, including Chinese, Kannada, and Somali. If you require transcription (or translation!) services in any of 500+ languages, our superb team of international transcriptionists is ready to get to work. Need subtitles for a foreign-language video? We’ll do that, too!

  • Whether they work in obstetrics and gynecology, urology, oncology, or another specialty, healthcare professionals from Downtown Denver, Capitol Hill, and across the city frequently find themselves in need of medical transcription services. Allow us to refer you to our partner medical transcription firm, who are experts in their field and work with countless medical practitioners around Colorado.

  • If you need legal transcription services for recorded depositions, sworn testimony, or court proceedings, we’ll set you up with our superb legal transcription partner firm. Our partner guarantees accurate, first-rate certified legal transcripts for law professionals in Denver.

  • If you don’t fall into any of the above categories but have audio, video, or even a handwritten document that you’d like a professional to transcribe, don’t hesitate to send it our way. We’d be happy to help!

After you send us your files, just relax. You’ll have your transcript in no time.

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Our team’s transcription skills are unmatched.

Our team is made up of not only transcriptionists but also proofreaders and translators, meaning we can provide additional services on top of transcription. Whether you need us to transcribe your medical report, proofread your publication-ready screenplay, or translate your French business proposal, we have the necessary expertise, experience, and knowledge to meet those needs. Our team members are familiar with chemistry, political science, physics, and numerous other specialties, and no matter your accent or dialect, we have a specialist on our team. We therefore guarantee the ultimate accuracy for all transcripts.

About 693,000 people live in Denver, Colorado, and we’d like to help all the scholars, entrepreneurs, content creators, and others among them who require the services of Denver’s best transcriptionist team. We work with over 500 languages, so we’re equipped to help everyone in Denver. Our friendly pricing model is transparent and doesn’t change based on complexity. The ordering process is easy!

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Careful decision-makers don’t want to place a paid order without confirming the quality of our transcripts for themselves. We understand. It was precisely for people like you that we set up our free sample offer, so take advantage of it!

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