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Kannada Transcription Services


A quality transcription service will produce documents that are professionally formatted and precisely transcribed. If you’re looking for transcription for your Kannada audio and video, our staff is ready to serve you. We excel at delivering high-quality transcripts of Kannada audio and video in either Kannada (also called Kannada Kurumba) or English.

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Invest in Expert Kannada Transcription

Kannada is spoken by more than 43 million people natively and another 13 million people as a second language, with the majority of speakers residing in India, particularly the state of Karnataka. With that many speaking and reading the language, you have a huge potential audience for your Kannada audio and video content. can produce Kannada or English transcripts for research, documentaries, and even SEO efforts.

Rely on Our Skilled Staff to Get the Most Accurate Transcript

There are many companies that offer Kannada transcription services, but you have to evaluate whether they're trustworthy. Some simply plug your audio clip into a speech recognition program, which would be perfectly fine if they then have a human expert correct the output, but they often neglect this crucial step, producing transcripts unfit for purposes like business, academia, or literature. Highly trained language specialists will always produce more accurate transcripts than software does, which is why we at are careful to ensure that our human transcriptionists carefully correct any transcripts we have a machine generate. We like automated transcription technology, but we only use it in conjunction with skilled human transcriptionists.


 We hire skilled experts who understand the subtleties of the Kannada language, such as idioms, colloquial phrases, and accents. They also understand dialects such as Kundagannada, Nadavar-Kannada, Havigannada, and more. Your work will be handled by someone who knows the dialect most appropriate for your audio and video.

Order Custom Services with Flexible Turnaround Times offers turnaround times to meet any deadline. If you need your audio or video converted into the Kannada script or the Latin alphabet, we specialize in this task. We are also exceptional at translating the content into English text for use by academics, business professionals, or others in a variety of fields. Our team is prepared to take on even the most challenging jobs, such as recordings with several different speakers, low-quality audio, or complex subject matter.

Using another service might produce amateurish results. Don’t take that chance. Rely on our experienced staff for confidential Kannada transcription, customized to fit your needs. The first step is to send us your audio or video file, and we’ll return a precise, professional transcript.

You can be anywhere, from San Francisco, San Diego, or Phoenix to Bangalore, Mysore, or Dharwad. We work with clients worldwide.

Order our Kannada transcription services today.

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