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Services in San Diego

Transcripts from leading transcription experts

If you want the best in transcription services, is the place for you. We’re the most trusted name in English and foreign language online transcription. Whether you love to stroll through the historical wonders of Old Town San Diego State Historic Park or explore San Diego’s history at Cabrillo National Monument, join the many scholars, businesspeople, and other professionals in San Diego who trust us to transcribe their audio, video, and handwritten text.

We offer a plethora of transcription services, covering everything from sermon transcription to podcast transcription. Whether your material is in English or one of the more than 500 other languages our international transcription team supports, we’ll deliver first-rate transcripts that exceed your expectations. We rely on our team of highly experienced, knowledgeable human transcriptionists to deliver high-quality transcripts time after time, whether that means transcribing the audio manually or meticulously reviewing a machine-generated transcript.

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Our services meet the needs of everyone in San Diego.

People from all over San Diego flock to us because we’re the best audio and video transcription solution in not only the city but also the entire state of California—and the entire United States. Given our position as the top-rated transcription agency, we know you’ll be more than satisfied with our results.

  • San Diego is home to numerous renowned universities, such as the University of San Diego, the University of California San Diego, and San Diego State University. Students and faculty at these institutes can take advantage of our academic transcription services for their lectures, conferences, group discussion recordings, and more. Your transcriptionist will be someone who knows your area of study well, so don’t worry about complex terminology.

  • Podcast transcripts, YouTube video transcripts, and video captioning services are common needs of the content creators of America’s finest city. If you need timestamps or speaker identification, we can add those at no extra charge. And, should you be planning to publish your transcript as soon as you receive it, we can also have our proofreading team give it a thorough pass first to eradicate any grammatical errors.

  • San Diego is home to immigrants from around the world, whether they speak Javanese, Sinhala, Bosnian, or numerous other languages. Our services cover all of them, so we can transcribe your content or provide subtitles for foreign-language videos. Going a step further, we can even translate your content.

  • Ophthalmologists, dermatologists, neurologists, and medical professionals of countless other sectors all require transcripts. However, since the healthcare field is rife with complicated terminology incomprehensible to the layperson, only highly specialized transcriptionists are qualified. That’s where our medical transcription partner company comes in, crafting high-quality transcripts for medical practitioners in Downtown San Diego, Mission Bay, and everywhere else in San Diego.

  • Lawyers often require transcription services, and because law is filled with complex jargon that only specially trained transcriptionists are able to work with, we’ve partnered with a dedicated legal transcription agency to meet the needs of legal professionals from all over San Diego.

  • Maybe you just require a transcript of personal audio, video, or handwritten notes. Don’t worry, as we can most definitely meet your needs.

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Our team has unrivaled skills.

We know our team is unbeatable because we hire only the best transcription, proofreading, and translation experts in the industry, with backgrounds in subjects ranging from psychology, to education, to communications. On top of that, they’ve also worked with dialects and accents from far and wide, so they can ensure accuracy even for unconventional speech patterns.

With a population of 1,407,000, San Diego is no small city. Countless entrepreneurs, students, content creators, and others need top-notch transcription services, whether in English or another language. We transcribe and translate your content using an affordable, transparent pricing model that never increases based on how complex your audio is. Let us show you just how simple ordering transcription services can be.

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We can also give you a sample—for free!

Ordering a transcript without seeing a sample of our work first is pretty intimidating. We understand, so we offer samples for free. Once you see just how skilled our team is, you won’t have any qualms about ordering our superb services.

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