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Bosnian Transcription Services


If you’re looking for the best Bosnian transcription service online, look no further. boasts an international team of highly experienced translators and transcriptionists dedicated to transforming your Bosnian audio or video into professional, properly formatted transcripts. If it’s in Bosnian, we can transcribe it.

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Our Bosnian Transcription Expertise Is Unrivaled

With 2,010,000 native speakers, complemented by 585,000 non-native speakers, Bosnian is recognized as the official language of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its mutually intelligible sister languages in Serbia, Croatia, and Montenegro push the number of speakers up to 21,000,000. To increase the exposure of your content, we at work hard to produce exceptionally accurate transcripts quickly and professionally.

We offer transcription services not only in Bosnian but also in English to further broaden your audience. Whether the content is intended to further research efforts, serve business needs, inform an audience, or simply spread your message far and wide, our top-notch transcription services will help you achieve your goal.

Human-assisted Machine Transcription Is the Best of Both Worlds

Technology can do a lot of things, but accurate transcription is not one of them. Speedy transcription, on the other hand, is. Unfortunately, many Bosnian transcription companies use speech recognition software but neglect to have professional human transcriptionists check them over after, and the result is less than satisfactory. If you’re looking for a transcript full of errors, it works, but if you value accuracy, like we at do, you should rely on a company that draws on the expertise of experienced human transcriptionists.

Our transcriptionists are exceptionally skilled, expertly navigating the difficulties of Bosnian sayings, informal expressions, and nonstandard accents, and they’re highly familiar with a wide range of dialects, including Shtokavian, Ijekavían, and Ikavian. For ultimate accuracy, we can even ensure that a transcriptionist specializing in your dialect of choice handles your transcript.

Our Transcription Services Are Extremely Flexible

Here at, we let you decide the specifics of your transcripts. We can transcribe Bosnian audio using the Roman alphabet or the Cyrillic script—it’s up to you. We can transcribe content of any nature, whether academic, professional, informative, interpersonal, or anything else, and our services extend beyond simple transcription into English translation, if you so desire. Our team is phenomenally experienced, giving them the expertise they need to deal with background noise, recordings with multiple speakers, and difficult technical terminology.

If you want the best Bosnian transcription services, speech-to-text software just won’t cut it. Allow us to provide you with highly flexible Bosnian transcription with guaranteed confidentiality. In addition, our numerous turnaround options ensure you’ll always receive your transcript by your deadline, whenever it is. Have your audio or video clip ready? Great! Just send it our way.

We’ll help you no matter where you are, so whether you’re ordering from Baltimore, LA, or Austin, and regardless of whether your audio clip hails from Sarajevo, Banja Luka, or Tuzla, we’re here to help you transform it into writing.

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