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High-Quality Audio and Video Transcription Services in Phoenix

Your project deserves Phoenix’s best transcriptionists.

All over Phoenix, from the peaks of Camelback Mountain to the top of Tovrea Castle, scholars, businesspeople, and professionals with high expectations for quality come to for all their transcription needs. That’s because we’re the best company in Phoenix for transcription of audio and video as well as the handwritten word. Whether you’re looking for transcription in English or a foreign language, our team will do a phenomenal job.

Using speech-recognition software without expert human oversight means settling for low quality. We depend on only the most skilled, knowledgeable human transcriptionists in the industry to deliver the high quality our clients expect, even if that means they're carefully eradicating the errors from initially  machine-generated transcripts. They have vast experience transcribing focus group audio, business meetings, and content in foreign languages, so no matter your transcription needs, we can meet them.

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Audio and video transcription services that cater to everyone

We’re the best transcription agency in Phoenix, but our reputation extends beyond the city borders, as we lead the field in Arizona and even the United States as a whole. Our services are available to anyone, anywhere.

  • If you’re researching, studying, or lecturing at the University of Phoenix, Arizona State University, or Grand Canyon University, we’ll transform your handwritten lecture notes or conference recordings into a professionally typed transcript. We understand that academic content can be quite complex, which is why we assign each project to a transcriptionist with knowledge in that field.

  • Content creators here in the Valley of the Sun may have additional needs, such as timestamps and speaker identification. We offer these special transcription features for free. Need video captions? We’ll do that, too. What about a final draft that you can publish immediately? With the help of our dedicated editing team, we can make that a reality.

  • Is English not your first language? Phoenix residents speak numerous languages, such as Indonesian, Romanian, and Arabic. Whether you speak one of these or one of around 500 others we support, we’d be happy to transcribe your content. Our expert transcriptionists come from all over the world, so we can transcribe and translate your audio and video transcripts from almost any language. We can create video subtitles, too.

  • Medical professionals in neurology, surgery, ophthalmology, and other specialties frequently require accurate transcripts. We’ve partnered with a medical transcription company to meet those needs. They’ve served healthcare providers spanning from Downtown Phoenix to Biltmore District and beyond, all of whom can attest to their dedication to quality and accuracy.

  • Do you serve in the legal sector? If so, you know that legal transcription requires a transcriptionist trained in the unique terminology of the field. We’ve partnered with a top-notch firm to produce the best legal transcripts in Phoenix, all without ever compromising on confidentiality.

  • Sometimes, transcription needs fall outside the above categories. No matter why you need a transcript, if you have audio, video, or text to be transcribed, we’ll help you.

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There are no better transcriptionists in Phoenix.

Our transcription, proofreading, and translation experts have years of experience. As a team, they have backgrounds in fields ranging from philosophy, to communications, to biology, and more. We carefully match each order with a transcriptionist familiar with its subject and with the accent or dialect of the audio. In other words, we strive for the utmost accuracy.

We can handle the massive transcription needs of a city like Phoenix, Arizona, with more than 1,615,000 businesspeople, academics, doctors, and others. Whether in English or another language, we have the resources to provide accurate, professional transcripts. Don’t worry about our pricing model, either, as we’ve designed it to be simple and transparent, never changing based on the complexity of your material. With us, getting professional transcripts is quick, easy, and affordable.

There’s no time like the present to order professional transcription services.

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Can we interest you in a free sample?

If you don’t want to place a paid order before you’ve seen what we can do, that’s okay. With careful clients like you in mind, we’ve implemented a free sample system, so we’d be delighted to show off our talents for free. We know you’ll be satisfied.

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