Indonesian Transcription Services


Indonesian audio or video to Indonesian text: $2.10 (USD) per audio minute

Indonesian audio or video to English text: $6.95 (USD) per audio minute

We don’t charge extra for the following:

  • Speaker identification

  • Timestamps

  • Accents

  • Difficult terminology

  • Multiple speakers

If you’re searching for high-quality Indonesian transcripts, you’ve come to the right place. Our skilled transcriptionists and translators are the best worldwide, and they can help you transform your Indonesian audio or video into professionally formatted text. We guarantee quick, accurate transcripts in Bahasa Indonesia, the national language of Indonesia.

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The Best Indonesian Transcriptionists in the Industry

Because of Indonesia’s linguistic diversity, there are only a few native speakers of Indonesian—approximately 23,110,000—but the total number of speakers is an impressive 199,480,000, thanks to the language’s status as a lingua franca. The language is also spoken outside Indonesia by smaller Indonesian communities around the world.

Want your Indonesian message to reach as many people as possible? Allow us to help. With our highly precise and professional transcripts, which can be used for everything from ethnographic research efforts and improved company SEO to enhanced accessibility and the creation of educational videos, you can reach millions of Indonesian speakers. To expand your reach further, we can even translate your transcript into English.

Human Transcriptionists Are Always Better Than Software

One important difference between and other Indonesian transcription services is the use of speech-to-text software—namely, they use it and we don’t. These automated algorithms are no match for the unparalleled skill of human transcriptionists, and they leave their transcripts full of ridiculous mistakes humans would never make.

For the highest-quality transcripts, we use only the most knowledgeable human Indonesian experts, who are highly familiar with a wide range of Indonesian idioms, slang expressions, and accents. We can expertly handle audio or video clips in any dialect of Indonesian, and we can even assign a transcriptionist particularly familiar with your dialect to ensure the utmost precision.

You Won’t Find More Flexible Transcription Services Anywhere

Your wish is our command. Indonesian or English? We can make either happen. Not only are our transcriptionists masters of converting Indonesian audio into text, but our translators can then provide you with a professional English transcript. From academia to business and beyond, we work with clients from all walks of life, so no matter the subject of your audio or video, we can supply you with an accurate transcript. What if your recording contains poor audio quality, several different speakers, or difficult-to-understand technical terms? Don’t fret. We’re professionals. We can handle all that.

If you want the best transcripts, you have to hire the best transcriptionists. For the ultimate customization and confidentiality, enlist our assistance. We also offer various turnaround options to make sure your transcript is always delivered on time for your project. Ready to experience the best Indonesian transcription services? Just send your audio our way.

Whether you’re at your office in Sacramento, at home in Tucson, or away on business in Dallas, or whether your audio is from Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, or anywhere else in Indonesia, we’re eager to work with you.

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